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Dishwasher Powder, Gel, Or Tablets? What’s Best

The dishwasher detergent market continues to move towards single-dose options that conveniently go into the detergent dispenser. Detergents come in several forms including dishwasher powder, gel, or tablets – what’s best for giving real results?

Dishwasher Powder

Modern dishwashing powder offers a good cleaning performance and stain removal, as well as an easy rinse. As the powder can be abrasive it’s not recommended for delicate tableware, but it can be a suitable option for removing burnt-on stains from pots and pans. Powder detergent is affordable as boxes go a long way and using as much or as little required for each wash means a greater flexibility – however powders may contain an abundance of fillers such as salt. This option may be preferable for homes with smaller washing needs that don’t always require a full tablet, but you must be sure to measure out the proper amount for each load.

Dishwasher Gel

Gel detergent is a thicker version of the liquid variety. Fast-acting gels can be more expensive, but you have more control with a gel that can be poured slowly and easily measured. Homes with specific washing requirements and different types of wash cycles can benefit from this choice. As the gel works instantly there’s no time lost waiting for a powder to dissolve, and any spilled liquid is easier to wipe up than granules. Dishwasher gel or powder? You could actually buy both to make sure you’re prepared for every occasion!

Dishwasher Tablets

Tablets tend to perform better than powders as they contain more concentrated active ingredients, and they provide a conveniently measured amount of detergent in a solid form. This eliminates the need for measuring and putting powder into the machine. They can also feature gel insets and Powerballs that perform a range of extra functions such as cleaning the dishwasher and degreasing, as well as removing stubborn stains. The cost of dishwasher powder or tablets may be an issue as tablets are usually more expensive and need a longer rinse cycle to ensure the removal of all mineral deposits. As they can’t be precisely measured for different sizes of dishwasher loads this also makes them less flexible than powder or gel.

Dishwasher Maintenance Tips

To keep your dishwasher performing at its best you should:
  • 1. Run it regularly to keep it free from excess build up
  • 2. Do a full cycle and then completely empty the dishwasher to carry our maintenance
  • 3. Clean the dishwasher drain where food debris tends to clog
  • 4. Examine and clean the spinning arms with a toothpick or small pliers
  • 5. Use bleach to get rid of mildew
  • 6. Clean the door, the basket, the gasket, and detergent dispenser with a regular household cleaner
  • 7. Clean the outside areas of the appliance

Dishwasher Repairs

If you’ve followed all the maintenance tips and are still having problems you may have to call the experts! Choose appliance repair specialists who offer a fully insured service with a six-month quality guarantee. You’ll be able to get a quote for the work before it begins, and all repairs will be carried out by specially trained engineers. You can trust your local professionals to arrange a hassle-free appointment that suits you!