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Dishwasher Smells? Here Are The Probable Reasons

Why does my dishwasher smell? This frequently asked question can be answered by saying that there are typically two causes – standing water and food residue. The most common cause is related to leftover food where a build-up of food residue can arise inside the dishwasher if it hasn’t been cleaned after a number of wash cycles.

Alternatively, your dishwasher may have an issue with standing water linked to a drainage problem, then you may notice a smell coming from the kitchen sink and the drain too. Your dishwasher smells? Here are the probable reasons…

A blocked filter

When your dishwasher smells an initial check should be made of the filter as this can be a factor in why your dishwasher smells bad. Dishwasher filters prevent food remnants from being redistributed onto clean tableware. They also stop the drain and drain pump from becoming obstructed, and enable cleaning and clearing of the dishwasher as the water and detergent circulate.

If your filter is dirty this can cause mildly contaminated water within the dishwasher which in turn dries and activates a strange odour. A fishy smell is a common problem caused by the build-up of food particles.

Keeping the door closed

Leaving the dishwasher door closed for lengthy periods of time when the appliance isn’t in use creates an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. It’s advisable to keep the door just slightly open to prevent any mould growth. Not only does the mould smell but it can also affect the health of anyone suffering from allergies.

No air gaps

An air gap keeps waste from the sink getting into the dishwasher which will cause nasty smells. It makes sure that any water overflowing from the dishwasher goes into the sink. If your dishwasher doesn’t have an air gap you can have one easily installed by an experienced appliance repair engineer.

Unsuitable additives

My dishwasher smells! Try switching your water softener salt to a specific kind – iron removing salt can help with dishwasher odours. Also, make sure the salt levels are correct as this simple practice can help with smell prevention.

Damaged drain hoses

If the drain hose becomes kinked the wastewater will automatically flow back into the dishwasher – and will need to be expertly straightened out. Likewise, if the drain hose is positioned too low, the water will flow back into the appliance. This requires the hose to be elevated and lopped in a secure position to prevent any standing water smells.

Heating element issues

A dishwasher burning smell is normally related to a defective heating element – something could be blocking the element itself like a plastic utensil or container that’s become trapped. This burning smell from your dishwasher can be eliminated by having the heating element repaired or replaced – a simple task for a qualified repair technician.

Food stuck under the appliance

If food has been dropped under the dishwasher it’ll start to smell as it decays. You may even find it to be the home of a small rodent. In order to rectify these issues, the dishwasher will need to be removed from under the cabinet in order for an inspection to be carried out. If you don’t have the tools or the confidence to take the dishwasher out, simply contact an appliance repair professional who does.

Experiencing Bosch dishwasher smells?

Get a dishwasher repair in London quickly and easily. A highly trained specialist will check the drain filter, pallet, and pump, amongst other parts to ensure that the source of your odour issue is located. The drainage system will be cleaned, and any blockages cleared. And your service will automatically be delivered with a guarantee lasting six months.