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Drawer Dishwasher Pros And Cons

What is a drawer dishwasher? The design is similar to a filing cabinet with appliances having two fully independent drawers allowing different wash settings to be used for different loads. Dishes can be washed in one drawer as the other is filled. They’re suitable for small apartments and homes as they provide a compact, space-efficient alternative to traditional dishwashers.

Want to know a bit of history?

In 1987 the drawer dishwasher concept was designed by Adrian Sargeant and Phil Brace and developed by Fisher & Paykel. It was exhibited in 1996 and launched in 1997. They're marketed as individual drawers or double units that have two separate drawers stacked together. Each drawer is independent and makes the appliance more energy efficient. Early models had noise issues but these have all been resolved on later styles. Capacity restrictions have also been addressed with the introduction of tall models added to the range. There are now several drawer configurations to choose from giving you plenty of flexibility.

Interested in some facts?

Take a look at some drawer dishwasher pros and cons…

Drawer dishwasher pros:

+ The drawer model allows each drawer to be used separately

+ As one drawer is full and washing the other drawer can be loaded

+ The unloading is quick as there are fewer items in each drawer

+ Loads will always be optimum

+ Pans can be washed separately from glasses so appropriate wash settings can be chosen

+ Time is saved as wash loads are quick and convenient

+ Drawer dishwashers are extremely energy efficient

+ Loading the dishwasher from the top is much easier on your back!

+ Single dish drawers can be installed side by side for maximum flexibility and handicap accessibility

Drawer dishwasher cons:

- Not so suitable for washing after serving meals to large groups as so many loads have to be done

- Handwashing larger items may be necessary ongoing

- Drawer dishwashers tend to be more expensive to buy

- A tendency to overfill one drawer can lead to dishes not being washed cleanly

- Fast settings may leave the dishes dripping wet

- Unpleasant odours can be emitted from seals on drawers due to the lack of air circulation

- Bottom drawers can get neglected if only small loads are consistently washed


If you’re experiencing issues with your drawer dishwasher you should be able to sort the following problems by reading the manufacturers user-guide:

  • Appliance won’t turn on
  • Top drawer won’t run
  • Not washing properly
  • Drawer won’t close
  • Leaking water
  • Error codes displayed

Experienced Appliance Repairs

Screwdriver closeupIf you can’t fix the problem yourself you may need to call in the professionals! Dishwasher repairs can be easily booked online through a trusted service provider. You’ll be guaranteed a fully insured service from specially trained technicians using modern tools and equipment. Get short notices bookings if you need to as you’ll get a six-day week option all for the same affordable price. After your repair has been completed you’ll be issued with a six-month warranty.