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Dyson Washing Machine Error Codes Explained

Dyson washing machines were discontinued as they didn’t prove to be financially successful with production costs being extremely high due to advanced technology. However, Dyson washing machine failure can still be addressed if your appliance is experiencing operating issues.

Look at Dyson washing machine problems here…

Dyson washing machine troubleshooting problems

The LCD display is blank

This indicates that there's no power to the appliance. If your washing machine is plugged in and switched on there could be an issue with the power supply, the socket or switch, or the fuse.

Washing machine door won’t open

This may result from the cycle not being complete, or due to the water level being too high or too hot. If the child lock is active this will also prevent the door from opening. Other problems could be with the door lock itself as it will have a safety feature inbuilt to stop the door from opening while your washing machine is running.

Washing machine is leaking

Leaks from the door generally indicate that the seals are defective and need replacing. If your washing machine isn’t level this can also result in leaks. The coin trap cover needs to be correctly fitted and the soap tray closed. The drainage hose must be connected correctly with inlet hoses properly fitted.

Washing machine won’t drain

The most common reason for your washing machine not emptying is an obstruction somewhere in the system. The drainage hose or drain pump may be blocked, or the pump itself may be defective. The belt that drives the pump can also wear out and break. If your appliance has excess suds they will need to be left to settle so that the draining cycle can be completed.

Washing machine won’t fill

When your washing machine won’t fill the most likely culprit is the water supply. This needs to be properly connected and turned on at the inlet tap. Blocked filters will also result in filling problems as will a blocked or kinked inlet hose. If your appliance has a flood protection hose this may have been fitted incorrectly and will need to be reinstalled.

Washing machine won’t spin

Causes of a non-spinning appliance include issues with the drive belt, the drive motor, or the pump. Mechanical failures will generally require faulty parts to be replaced. If certain spin speeds can’t be selected this can be due to the limits set for each programme to prevent unsuitable options from being selected.

Washing machine has a burning smell

This implies that the transit packaging hasn't been removed and needs to be taken off the top, back, and front. If this isn't the case it could be the result of a worn clutch and the smell will be accompanied by a loud scraping noise and brake dust found under your appliance.

Dyson washing machine error codes explained

Error codes for the Dyson CR01 range and their meaning are shown below:

  • F1: the drum is overloaded
  • F2: an out of balance load detected
  • F3: the outer door is open
  • F4: the inner door is detected as open
  • F5: not draining
  • F6: not filling
  • F7: motor tacho open circuit
  • F8: overfilling issues
  • F10: motor triac failure from overspeed
  • F11: Dyson washing machine fault F11 means no motor action detected
  • F12: invalid temperature sensor reading
  • F13: not heating
  • F14: flooding detected
  • F15: gear change failure ( too slow )
  • F16: not stopping (motor triac failure)
  • F18: gear change failure ( too fast)

Arrange Dyson washing machine repairs in London

Dyson washing machine repairs will be undertaken by experienced and qualified appliance repair engineers. Your technician will diagnose and repair any of the faults listed with fully insured workmanship and a guarantee that lasts for six months. You’ll be able to get a free quote and book your service online quickly and easily.