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Ebac Washing Machine Faults And Troubleshooting

Ebac washing machines are fast and effective – and manufactured to last. Large doors make them easy to load and unload. With an entire range of different programmes including hot and cold fill options, brushless motors for a quiet operation, and water and energy efficiency, an Ebac washing machine is a quality must-have appliance.

But even great technology has its imperfections. Look at some Ebac washing machine faults and troubleshooting here…

Diagnostic Code Explanation

Ebac washing machine error codes will be illuminated on the digital display if the washing machine starts to malfunction. See Ebac washing machine faults below:

E.01 – the washing machine hasn’t fully drained after four minutes

E.02 – the washing machine hasn’t filled within the allocated time period

E.03 – the door is open as the programme is trying to start, the door open feature has been detected whilst the programme is running, or the door is unable to be opened at the end of the washing cycle

Error codes E.04, E.05, E.06, E.07, E.08, E.08, E.09, and E.10 all indicate an internal error and you’ll need to get in touch with an appliance repair technician to diagnose and resolve any further faults.

A Troubleshooting Guide

Ebac washing machine problems may include:

Leaking issues

When the washing machine leaks during the wash stage cycle this may be due to an incorrectly fitting detergent drawer, or tears or damage to the door seals, or the door glass itself.

The pump filter may be defective, or the outlet drain hose not fitted securely. Other causes could be related to blockages within the hose or drain pipe. All of these defects can quickly be fixed by a trusted repair engineer who will also check the inlet hoses and the main isolating valve supply.

Function problems

If your washing machine hasn’t got any power and the control panel is dark this indicates an issue with the power supply. It could be the mains cable, the power socket or switch, or the fuse which has tripped the circuit breaker. Any electrical problems need to be safely inspected and rectified by a qualified repair engineer.

When your Ebac washing machine won’t spin it may be simply that the drum is overfilled and needs the load to be rebalanced. However, spinning issues can be caused by a blocked pump filter that prevents the water from draining from the machine. Excess water will need to be expertly emptied from the appliance – your professional repairer will be able to carry out this operation too.

Problems with the washing machine not draining, or draining very slowly, could be caused by a blocked pump filter. Outlet hoses will need to be checked for blockages or kinks, and to ensure they’ve been installed correctly to the drainpipe.

Performance difficulties

Unpleasant odours or smells from inside the drum can be caused by a blockage within the outlet hose, and also due to an incorrect installation.

Clothes that are still wet after washing may be related to the built-in safety function that won’t allow the machine to spin unbalanced loads. Dirty clothes after the wash cycle has been completed indicate an incorrect programme or capacity load has been selected, an issue with the detergent dispenser drawer, or excess dirt held within the machine.

Time to Call in the Professionals

Ebac washing machine repair London experts have the latest tools and replacement parts for all washing machines. Highly trained technicians have full qualifications, and years of industry experience.

You’ll be able to make a short-notice booking – on the same day if you have an emergency. There’s no deposit to pay, no call out fee, and you can request a free quote before your service begins. All work is fully insured and any repairs come with a six-months guarantee.