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Electrolux Dryer Codes And Troubleshooting

ModernElectrolux tumble dryers benefit from advanced technology that reduces drying times and provides up to 60% savings on energy costs. High performance with less noise are another two factors that make these appliances game changers!

However, even with all these tools, your dryer can still experience operating issues. Look at some Electrolux dryer problems and troubleshooting here…

Electrolux dryer troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Electrolux dryer problems may include:

Electrolux dryer not heating

Common solutions for your Electrolux dryer not heating can be related to the thermal fuse – this safety device is designed to protect the dryer from overheating. If this happens the fuse won’t have any continuity, and will blow the fuse.

Other problems could be caused by the heating element which warms the air before it enters the dryer drum. If this burns out, the dryer won’t heat. Likewise, the heating element assembly or the high limit thermostat can also be culprits, with a defective thermostat shutting off the burner even if the dryer isn’t overheating.

Incoming power issues, the cycling thermostat, the timer, or the main control board can all prevent the dryer from heating if they’re malfunctioning in any way.

Electrolux dryer noise

When your Electrolux dryer is making an abnormal noise, this can be due to the drive belt becoming worn or damaged, making the dryer noisy as the drum turns. Other issues can be with the drum rollers which can cause a loud rumbling noise if they’re not in good condition.

Drum bearings that support the rear of the dryer drum can wear out, resulting in a squealing or grinding noise. Drum slides, glides, and pads will all cause noises if worn. Another component that may be in need of inspection for signs of wear is the idler assembly. Rarely, the drive motor may be defective and need repairing or replacing.

Electrolux dryer codes

When an error code is displayed on the front panel of your dryer this is indicating where the fault may lie. See what the error codes mean here:

EF1 – this signifies a blockage which could be located in the internal or external exhaust vents, or can be related to the thermal limiter which may be defective.

EF3 – if clothes are still damp after the maximum drying time this code implies that there’s a problem with either damaged moisture sensors or a blocked dryer duct.

E15 – Electrolux dryer E15 error suggests that the dryer believes it’s overloaded. All that may be needed to fix this problem is to take out some of the clothes to lessen the load. If that fails, you’ll need to contact a service technician.

E31 – when the moisture sensor is too high this error code will flash. The sensors may be blocked or the wire harness may be damaged. It could also point to an issue with the electronic control board.

E42 – a problem with the door sensor is the likely cause here resulting in the dryer being unable to start. The door switch or wiring may be faulty, or the issue may be related to the control panel.

E61 – a heater relay problem will cause this error code meaning it could be a glitch with a damaged harness, or a fault between the control board and the heating element.

E64 – Electrolux dryer error codes E64 indicates a malfunction with the heating element or the wiring to this component. If a lack of continuity is found the part may need replacing.

E66 – an important safety feature on your dryer will act when the dryer overheats. This is referred to as the thermal limiter and will automatically trip when it detects excess heat. If there aren’t any blockages in the vent, the thermal limiter may need replacing.

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