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Electrolux dryer issues and troubleshooting

Electrolux dryers are known for their efficiency and technologically advanced offerings. You can reduce your ironing time or even take care of more sensitive clothes like those made of wool. However, it can sometimes happen that your Electrolux dryer presents you with some issues. In this article, we look at some of the most common errors and their potential solutions. Ready to find out more? Take a look.

Troubleshooting Electrolux dryer problems

Electrolux dryer troubleshooting does not have to be as challenging as you thought. Sure, you can take out your owner’s manual and go through it. But this guide to Electrolux dryer error codes should be quick and easy to use, pinpoint your issue and help you resolve it. Let’s explore some of the most common error codes as well as the ways in which you can troubleshoot them.

Error code E15

Cause: Dryer is overloaded

Solution: When you see an Electrolux dryer E15 error on the display, you need to reshuffle the clothing inside the dryer, spreading it evenly throughout for more balance. Alternatively, consider removing some items of clothing to ensure that the dryer continues on its normal drying course.

Error code E31

Cause: Moisture sensor is too high

Solution: Begin by ensuring that the moisture sensors are not obstructed. Once done, unplug your dryer and check the sensors’ wire harnesses for damage. If this is not a problem, the likely solution will be having to have your electronic control board replaced.

Error code E61

Cause: Heater relay issue

Solution: Here, you will need to check whether the wire harness is damaged. This is located between the control board and heating element. If you find that the harness is damaged, it will need to be replaced. However, if there is no obvious damage, it is a signal that the electronic control board will need to be replaced.

Error code E64

Cause: Malfunctioning of the heater’s wiring or the heating element

Solution: An Electrolux dryer error codes E64 appears on the display, it is an indication that you will either need to replace the wire harness or the heating element.

Error code E66

Cause: The thermal limiter has tripped

Solution: This happens when the dryer overheats. To troubleshoot this issue, consider checking the dryer vent for any obstructions and remove them. You should do this when the dryer is switched off. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, you may need to have your thermal limiter replaced.

Error code EF1

Cause: A clog

Solution: The dryer’s exhaust vents should be checked both internally and externally for any clogs or blockages and these should be removed. Only do this when the dryer is completely switched off from the power supply. If you do not identify clogs or blockages, you may need to have your thermal limiter replaced.

Error code E42

Cause: Door sensor error, meaning your dryer won’t start

Solution: This is an indication that there may either be a problem with the door switch or its wiring. Replacement will be necessary. If there are no visible signs of damage, it’s an indication that the control panel is faulty and will require replacement.

Error code EF3

Cause: Maximum drying time has been reached but clothing remains damp

Solution: Some reasons why you’re seeing this error code include a clogged dryer duct or blocked or damaged moisture sensors. Begin by removing all blockages from the vents. Next, clean the moisture sensors. If this does not resolve the issue, you will need to have the sensors replaced.

Closing remarks

If your Electrolux dryer is not heating or you’re hearing excessive and disruptive Electrolux dryer noise, it’s time for your Electrolux dryer repair. At Exclusive Repairs, you can always count on our specialists to quickly and efficiently diagnose and resolve any problem you may have with your Electrolux dryer. While these dryers are known for their durability, issues may sometimes crop up. Although some of these can easily be resolved by yourself at home, others will need an expert touch. For the latter, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for any Electrolux repairs you may need!