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Electrolux Oven Problems And Troubleshooting

With an Electrolux double oven, you can cook a range of dishes at the same time – and catalytic coatings will even help you to clean it! Cleverly designed oven racks make it simple to take the trays in and out, and glass doors that can be removed make cleaning the panels quick and easy.

Yet things can sometimes go wrong. And even the best-designed ovens can have issues. See some Electrolux oven problems and troubleshooting here…

Common Electrolux Oven Problems

You may be able to identify specific problems with the information provided, but in the majority of cases, you’ll need an experienced and qualified repair engineer to fix the issues for you.

Electrolux oven not working

This can be due to a whole host of reasons and includes:

  • The baking element not heating properly as it’s damaged or has burned out – this may need replacing
  • The spark electrode may be worn or broken, and the housing may be damaged – it’s essential that you get this safely repaired by a qualified engineer
  • An incoming power issue that’s related to an electrical socket, fuse, or the circuit board – you’ll require the help of an electrician here
  • A tripped thermal fuse due to the oven overheating – which will need to be safely replaced
  • A faulty relay board or oven control board – when no voltage is sent to the heating components the oven won’t work, and a repair technician will need to be contacted
  • A defective temperature control thermostat which fails to cycle the heat will result in the need for it to be replaced

Electrolux self-cleaning oven problems

The most frequent causes for the oven not self-cleaning include:

  • A faulty door lock motor and switch assembly which fails to prevent the door from opening after the self-cleaning cycle has been completed
  • A defective door switch which stops the oven door from locking and won’t allow the self-cleaning function to operate
  • The thermal fuse has tripped to protect the oven from overheating and shuts off the power
  • The oven control board is unable to send voltage via relays to the circuits and the oven won’t be able to start the self-clean cycle

All of these issues can be diagnosed and fixed by your local appliance repair technician.

Electrolux oven gets too hot

Electrolux double oven problems can include the oven getting too hot – this may mean that the thermostat is damaged or broken. When you turn the oven on the light will come on to indicate that the oven is heating up. Once the set temperature has been reached the light should automatically go out.

If the thermostat is defective the light actually won’t come on initially. And if it stays on this could be a further issue with the oven’s heating element. A professional repair technician will ensure you get the right replacement parts.

Electrolux glide racks roll in and out

Electrolux double oven wall problems may sometimes occur if the oven is not installed on a level platform. This can cause the glide racks to roll in and be unable to stay out if they’re not aligned perfectly straight.

This unlevel alignment can also affect the door frames of the oven which may result in the oven not being able to heat effectively. These issues can all be quickly resolved by an experienced oven repair expert.

Get A Safe and Affordable Oven Repair

Electrolux oven repair London experts specialise in electric oven reparations. A highly trained technician will use advanced tools and equipment to carry out any repairs. And you’ll be able to make a short notice appointment on six days of the week. Call to get a quote – and be covered by a six-month warranty for all repairs completed.