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Electrolux Tumble Dryer Error Codes Explained

It may seem like error codes are cryptic messages, but they are actually your best friends when it comes to troubleshooting an Electrolux tumble dryer. Here we have compiled a list of all the most common Electrolux dryer error codes, explaining what they mean and why they are important.

Electrolux tumble dryer error codes

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Now, let's dive into the various error codes you might encounter with your Electrolux tumble dryer.

Error code EF1

This code can indicate a blockage within the exhaust vent. Otherwise, it could be that the thermal limiter has failed and will need replacing.

Error code EF3

When the maximum drying time has been reached but the clothing is still damp this error cоde may display. Faults could lie with a damaged moisture sensor or obstructions in the vent.

Error code E21

A faulty canister fill pump triac will cause this error code to show. The interrupted cycle may be due to faulty wiring or a defective electronic board.

Error code E22

When the traic senses that the canister fill pump is faulty your appliance will display this code. Typically it will be the electronic board that needs repairing or replacing.

Error code E31

If the moisture sensor is too high this can result from problems with the sensor’s wire harness. Alternatively, it could be the electronic control board at fault.

Error code E42

A door sensor error caused by a faulty door switch or wiring will cause this error code and you may find that your tumble dryer won’t start. This is because the safety feature will prevent your appliance from working if the door can’t be closed securely.

Error Code E51

This is a short circuit detected in the motor power triac due to a faulty motor, defective wiring, or the electronic board not functioning properly.

Error code E52

When the power to the heater unit and the reversal of the direction of the rotation is interrupted this error code will display. The motor overheating cutout will intervene and wiring and the electronic board will need expertly assessing.

Error Code E53

When the motor triac senses a faulty circuit the cycle will be interrupted and this error code will display. Generally, it’s the electronic board that’s faulty.

Error code E54

This code signifies that the motor is not functioning and could be due to an excessive wash load, or the motor/transmission system that has become inoperative.

Error code E60

This message indicates that your tumble dryer isn’t heating up and could be the result of poor ventilation, a dirty filter, or a door seal that’s holding an excessive amount of moisture.

Error code E61

When your appliance detects a heater relay issue this error code points to problems with the wire harness between the control board and the heating element. A damaged harness will need to be replaced. The NTC sensor could also be incorrectly calibrated or out of position, or the electronic board may be faulty.

Error code E62

The power relay to the heater unit is the reason for this error code and can result from a defective heater unit, faulty wiring, or issues with the electronic board.

Error Code E63

If the thermostat is faulty the auto-reset on the heater unit may intervene and this error code will display. Components that may need replacing include the thermostat itself, the heater unit, and the electronic board.

Error code E64

E64 indicates a malfunction of the heater’s wiring or the heating element itself. Lack of continuity will confirm that the wire harness or the heating element will need to

Error Code E65

When the fan motor wiring isn’t connected the fan motor triac will be interrupted which can indicate a faulty motor.

Error code E66

This error code implies that the thermal limiter has tripped which is an important safety feature when your tumble dryer overheats. A faulty thermal limiter will need to be replaced. On certain models, this can be an indicator of a faulty fan motor.

Error Code E67

A faulty triac control will be the reason for this error code to display. Checks will need to be carried out on the fan motor wiring and the electronic control board for signs of malfunction.

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