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Electrolux Washing Machine Problems And Troubleshooting

Perfect SteamCare is just one of the features of Electrolux washing machines – adding steam at the end of the wash to reduce wrinkles and ironing. Automatic load size adjustments and systems that refresh laundry with fragrance and steam make everyday washing a joy. But what do you do when the latest technology starts to have issues? See a range of common Electrolux washing machine problems and troubleshooting here…

Possible Failures and Troubleshooting

Our Electrolux washing machine repair technicians in London are equipped to identify and resolve a wide range of issues, including problems with Electrolux washing machines. However, if you're looking to fix these problems yourself, Electrolux washing machine troubleshooting can assist you in pinpointing the underlying causes. Common Electrolux washing machine problems may include:

Washing machine doesn’t start

When your Electrolux washing machine has no power there may be a difficulty with the plug or the fuse. If there is no power at the socket this could indicate a domestic installation issue, with the main supply being unstable. The door latch assembly will also cause the machine not to start as the door must be closed and locked securely to prevent any leaks. Other reasons can be a faulty timer or start switch, a defective motor, or a problem with the main control board which may have shorted.

Washing machine won’t spin

If your Electrolux washing machine is not spinning this could be related to a kinked or damaged drain hose or the drain hose connection. The drain filter or drain pump may be obstructed, or the electronic balance that ensures a balanced load may be defective. If the lid switch assembly fails the washing machine won’t spin. The drive belt can become loose or break, and the motor coupling may fail, and a defective door latch assembly will also prevent the washing machine from completing a spin cycle. The motor control board that provides power to the motor can burn out. Bearings, drive pulleys, rotors, and stators can all be culprits. Alternative reasons can be due to incorrect selection of the rinse hold which results in no spinning and water left in the machine after the washing cycle has completed. An unlevel appliance with an unstable base will prevent the machine from balancing itself and lead to problems with spinning.

Washing machine won’t drain

If this is the problem it can be due to many factors. The correct position of the drain hose is essential and must be no more than 100cm and no less than 60cm above the base of the machine. The filter needs to be obstruction-free – hair, fluff and fur can build up over time – and the drain clear of any blockages. Bear in mind that blockages can occur in quite inaccessible places and an appliance engineer will be needed to source the problem. The drain hose, if kinked or damaged, will also contribute to any draining issues. The drain pump also needs to be running, if it isn’t this indicates a fault on the pump itself, something jamming the pump or an electrical fault. A broken impeller may jam and become loose on the shaft.

Alarm Codes

Electrolux washing machine error codes have a letter E followed by a number. See error codes below with their appropriate meaning:

  • E10 – the appliance doesn’t fill with water properly
  • E20 – Electrolux washing machine E20 error code indicates the appliance will not drain
  • E40 – the appliance door is open or not closed properly
  • E91 – there is no communication between the electronic elements of the appliance
  • EHO – is an indication that the main power supply is unstable

Electrolux Washing Machine Repairs

Electrolux washing machine repair London experts will provide safe and effective repairs whatever the problems you may be experiencing. Fully insured repair services are easy to book and will be carried out by trained and experienced professionals – using the latest tools and replacement parts. There’s no deposit required, no call-out fee, and all repairs come with a six months quality guarantee.