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Essentials Dishwasher Problems And Troubleshooting

Who makes Currys Essentials dishwashers? Essentials is a budget own brand range exclusive to Currys and appliances are mainly manufactured in Turkey – the home country of the company Vestel. Top features of many Essentials models include A++ energy ratings with 30-minute quick washes, overflow and leakage protection, and low noise levels. Sometimes your appliance may experience technical issues – look at Essentials dishwasher problems and troubleshooting here…

Essentials dishwasher problems include:

Currys Essentials dishwasher won’t start

There is a range of possible causes here from the door not being properly closed to problems with the power supply. This could be due to defective fuses, plug sockets, switches, or an outage with the power supply itself.

For any of these issues, you need to call a qualified technician who will quickly diagnose the fault and safely fix the problem or you.

Currys Essentials dishwasher flashing lights

When the rapid programme indicator flashes frequently this may result from a defective water tap, low water pressure, a broken flow meter, or loose wire terminals that connect the flow meter. Other issues that can cause flashing lights include the pressure switch not activating within the timeline of the inlet valve becoming active, a blocked pressure switch tube, or faulty pressure switch wiring.

A trained and experienced appliance repair technician will effectively repair or replace any faulty parts to get your appliance operating properly again.

Currys Essentials dishwasher not draining

A culprit here can be the drain pump not working correctly causing the anti-flooding system to be activated. Other components that will need to be expertly checked include the drain hose, filter, drain valve and drain basket.

Blockages at the bottom of the appliance can disrupt the water flow, and loading the dishwasher incorrectly can also cause draining problems. If your Essentials dishwasher is making unusual noises such as humming or clicking sound this is an indication that the drain pump or motor may need replacing.

Essentials Dishwasher Fault Codes

Currys Essentials dishwasher faults may be highlighted by a number of lights which act as Currys Essentials dishwasher error codes. These are simply a guide to inform you where the problem may lie but you will need probably need the help of a professional to carry out repairs for you. Dishwasher fault codes could include:

  • One red light or LED-lit solid and three black lights not lit – indicating a faulty door switch
  • Three red lights or LED-lit solid and one black solid light – pointing to a defective water inlet valve resulting in no fill
  • One red, one black, and two red light or LED-lit solid – means a failure to drain
  • One black, two red, and one blacklight or LED-lit solid – shows signs of a temperature sensor error and a possible open circuit
  • Four red lights or LED-lit solid with no flash – detecting an overfill or flooding error

Depending on the model of your dishwasher the above fault light codes may differ. Your repair technician will be trained in determining the problem and be able to get the relevant spare parts to carry out any repairs.

Get Dishwasher Repairs for All Brands

Dishwasher repairs in London are easy to book – simply search online for trusted appliance repair specialists who will fix your Essentials dishwasher quickly and competently. Highly trained staff – the best in the business – are available on the same day or at short notice if you have an emergency.

There’s no need to pay a deposit, and no call out charge is required. Your repair service will be fully insured and guaranteed for the following six months. All you need to do is identify your appliance when you call.