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Gas Ovens vs Electric Ovens – The Pros and Cons

Gas Ovens

Gas cookers generally let you take control of the heat source more effectively, making pre-heating of the oven for baking quite simple. There are a choice of styles ranging from free-standing, built-in, and a separate wall oven and counter top.


Gas Hob Repair
  • + Gas ovens are cheaper to run than electric ovens, so that can be a major factor when choosing an oven to suit your budget. Both propane and natural gas are relatively cheap and burn cleanly.

  • + Gas hobs provide instant heat that’s also easy to control, and vary in size to support different pan shapes.

  • + Gas hobs with electronic ignitions are extremely quick and convenient, and don’t waste any gas.


  • Gas hobs are more difficult to clean – you may need to dismantle the burners to get rid of any burned on residues.

  • Gas ovens don’t distribute heat evenly so the top of the cooker may get hotter than the bottom. This means you need to rotate the baking to ensure the placement is just right.

  • Gas ovens need to be installed by a qualified professional – this can be an additional cost increase to your budget.

  • Open gas flames can easily burn by accident, and an open window can cause wind to put out the flame.

Electric Ovens

There are three types of ovens available according to taste. Free standing models can fit into the desired space, built-in styles fit between cabinets, and models built into the wall with a separate range top cooker. Recent innovations include a smooth top – a ceramic surface that covers the whole range top – heating elements use magnetic coils to directly heat the pot and not the cooking surface.

ProsEelectric Oven

  • + Electric ovens' ceramic hobs are easy to clean, and have a more stable and smooth surface for pots and pans.

  • + Electric ovens give an even heat distribution so you have more control over the cooking times, multi-function ovens give you grill and fan operating modes as well. They also heat up more quickly and consistently.

  • + Electric ovens are safer if you have children and pets as the hob itself doesn’t get extremely hot.


  • Electric ovens cost more to run, and convection ovens with fans tend to dry food out.

  • Electric hobs take longer to heat up, especially if the pans are large, and it’s easy to scratch the surface with heavier pots and spoil the finish.

  • When you have a power cut you can’t cook!

Maintenance and Repairs

Keeping your oven clean ensures you get the best tasting food and use less energy – a dirty oven takes much longer to heat up and operate efficiently. If you need any help with replacing parts or fixing your oven, then simply contact trusted oven repairs London to get all the advice and support you need. Make sure you get a no-obligation quote before you begin and that the work is guaranteed.