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GE Washing Machine Problems And Troubleshooting

If your GE washing machine isn't functioning properly there are certain things to look for that may point you in the right direction of the fault - even if you can't fix it yourself. See a range of common GE Washing machine problems and troubleshooting here...

GE washing machine problems and troubleshooting

GE washing machine making loud noise during dry spinning cycle

When your washing machine is experiencing bearing problems, loud noises are the result. The rear drum has bearings to keep it running smoothly and if this system is faulty your appliance can become very noisy.

Other causes can be related to the drive pulley, the drive belt, or the clutch. If the transmission is failing this can be another reason for the noise, as can a defective drive motor. Your technician will be able to resolve any of these issues for you.

GE washing machine drain pump won’t stop

If your appliance has a drain pump that keeps running, it could be the result of a damaged control board, or the pump itself may be faulty. A broken inlet valve may also be responsible, or you may find that the drain hose is blocked, or installed too deeply into the standpipe.

GE washing machine making squeaking noise when agitating

This could be caused by the drive belt which may need to be tightened, or it may even be broken and need to be replaced. Other issues that prevent your appliance from agitating include the drive block or bell, the motor coupling, or the motor control board.

Your engineer may also check the drive motor, rotor assembly, and agitator assembly for signs of disrepair. Bear in mind that an unbalanced load will also cause problems with agitating.

GE washing machine not spinning

If this happens the lid switch assembly may be the culprit, as if this fails your washing machine won’t spin. Other parts that may cause this problem include the drive belt, motor coupling, or a faulty door latch or door switch assembly.

A defective motor control board that provides power to the motor will also prevent your appliance from spinning, as will a faulty clutch, drive pulley, or rotor assembly. Your appliance repair technician will also check the bearings and the basket drive.

GE washing machine won’t drain

This could be related to a faulty drain pump which can become obstructed. Alternatively, the issue may lie with a blocked hose or a door lock and motor switch assembly problem. The water pump belt may have worn out, or the coin trap that catches any foreign objects may have become blocked causing your appliance not to drain.

GE washing machine won't fill

The fault here is typically a blocked filter which will need to be removed and cleaned. If this doesn’t solve the problem, hoses need to be checked for kinks or damage. Otherwise, issues could be with the water supply or a defective water inlet valve.

GE washing machine leaking

Often this is related to problems with the hoses, and these will need to be inspected for damage. Leakage around the door could be due to a damaged door seal which would need replacing. Excess suds can also cause leaks around the back of your washing machine which can be fixed by using less detergent.

GE washing machine error codes

Error codes for your GE washing machine will vary depending on your model. For a comprehensive guide to these codes, you should consult your manufacturer’s manual. Remember that fault codes are only used to help identify the components which require testing and repairing or replacing by an expert.

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