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Get Your Kitchen Appliances Ready For The Holidays!

Whether you’re cooking for family, throwing a festive party, or hosting a New Year celebration, you’ll need to make sure your oven, fridge, and dishwasher are all working at their peak performance levels before the holidays begin. Want to know is your kitchen appliance ready for the holidays? Here are some of our holiday tips and tricks!

Oven Maintenance Tips

Close-up of kitchen appliancesCooker maintenance is important ongoing but if problems arise at this time of year you’ll really be in trouble! Clean your oven regularly using the self-clean feature or by hand. It’s a good idea to do this days before as some cleaning smells tend to linger. Keeping your oven clean actually improves the taste of your cooking and makes the oven more efficient. If your oven is really dirty you may need to call in the professionals to do the job for you! Replace any bulbs, check the burners for damage and replace if necessary, and make sure the knobs are all secure.

Dishwasher Advice

Cleaning your dishwasher regularly helps to prevent the build-up of hard water minerals, food, and soap debris which can all affect the ability of the dishwasher to get your dishes clean. Use a recommended cleaner, or white vinegar works just as well. Run a regular cycle using a detergent dispenser pod for removing mildew, smells and stains from the interior. Stubborn stains can be treated with a baking soda mix, which also adds a refreshing clean smell. Check racks and rollers and replace any that are chipped or not running smoothly, and clean the removable filter.

Fridge Cleaning Ideas

Open fridge filled with groceriesBefore you can do a thorough clean you’ll need to empty the fridge and sort through all the food - anything past its sell by date needs to be thrown away. Remove any drawers and shelves and soak them in warm, lightly diluted detergent water. Wipe out the interior using a baking soda mix to get rid of any stubborn stains. Put everything back neatly; ready to receive the forthcoming shop! Don’t forget to clean the fridge coils – you’ll need to unplug the fridge first - you can dust or vacuum them to aid efficiency. If your fridge has a water filter, you should change that too.

Fridge Packing Suggestions

You should store fruits and vegetables in separate drawers to keep them fresher for longer. Many fruits can produce gases which cause over ripening and spoilage. These crisper drawers will help prevent moisture loss, and control humidity so produce lasts longer. If any of your drawers are cracked or damaged now’s the time to replace them.

Need Help?

If you’re struggling with any issues with your kitchen appliances then you need to contact a reputable appliance repair company. Choose professionals who’ll provide you with short-notice appointments, free quotes, trained staff, and quality guarantees.