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Gorenje Dishwasher Problems You Might Run Into

Gorenje dishwashers are high quality with low consumption of water and energy, adapting to your needs with a variety of functions and packed with clever features and modern technology.

However, when things go wrong it’s handy to know what issues you may be facing even if you can’t fix them yourself. See some Gorenje dishwasher problems you might run into here…

Gorenje dishwasher troubleshooting

Gorenje dishwasher problems include:

Not draining

A Gorenje dishwasher not draining could be due to a blocked filter, a kinked or obstructed drain hose, or the siphon fitting which will need to be inspected.


If the leakage sensor has been triggered the water supply will have been blocked and the programme stopped. The leak sensor may be faulty and sticking, or there could be dripping from a defective pipe or gasket which may need replacing. If the pump isn't functioning properly this will also prevent your dishwasher from draining.

Not heating

This could be related to a failure of the control module, a temperature sensor that could be broken, faulty wiring, or burned-out contacts. A failed heater or heating element can also be the cause.

Not filling

The inlet hose could be kinked or damaged, or the inlet valve could be defective. There may also be a failure in the electronics relating to the filling of your appliance.

Gorenje dishwasher error codes

Gorenje dishwasher error codes can be used as diagnostic aids to give you an idea as to where to start looking for the fault.


This error code indicates that your dishwasher is unable to fill with water. Checks will need to be carried out on the water supply, the water valve, and the wiring to the pressure switch and sensor. The pressure switch, water level sensor, and pressure sensor will all also need to be individually tested.


When your dishwasher won’t drain this error code will display. Investigations into the water drainage, drain pump and wiring, and the drain hose will need to be completed as the programme will be aborted after four minutes if your appliance fails to detect that the water has drained out.


Gorenje dishwasher error code E3 shows that no heating has been detected within an hour of the programme starting. This could be due to a defective thermostat or heating element, or faulty wiring.


Gorenje dishwasher E4 error is an issue with the Aquastop protection circuit resulting in this being activated. If the micro-switch on the leak detection system has been switched on for more than two minutes your dishwasher will shut off the water inlet valve and automatically drain the water, stopping the programme. A leak may be the cause, or there may be a problem with the float located at the base of your appliance.


This implies a short circuit has been detected on the temperature sensor and checks will need to be made on the sensor itself and the water heating sensor wiring.


When your dishwasher detects a temperature sensor open circuit this error code will display. Again the water heating sensor and the temperature sensor will need investigating, alongside all wiring.

Gorenje dishwasher reset

To clear a dishwasher error code you can press and hold the power button until the display turns off and wait for around 10 seconds. Switch the dishwasher back on and start the washing cycle. If the problem persists you’ll need to call in the experts.

Gorenje dishwasher repairs

A Gorenje dishwasher repair in London is simple to arrange. You’ll be able to book trusted experienced professionals providing fixes for all of the above problems and more! Get a quote on the job you need to have done upfront and delivered with a six-month quality guarantee.