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Haier Tumble Dryer Problems And Troubleshooting

Got a Haier tumble dryer? Here’s what you need to know if your appliance has stopped working as it should. Take a look at Haier tumble dryer problems and troubleshooting below:

Haier tumble dryer troubleshooting

Haier dryer not starting

There are several reasons why your Haier dryer won’t start and these include the start switch which may be defective and cause a non-response. If this part is faulty it will need replacing.

Other components that need looking at are the dryer thermal fuse designed to protect the dryer from overheating, which may have blown, the door switch which may not have continuity, and the drive motor which turns the drum.

The belt switch and drive belt, if damaged or broken, will also affect the ability of your dryer to function, as will issues with the incoming power, the main control board, and the timer.

Haier dryer not heating

The most likely cause is the thermostat which will need to be safely tested with a multimeter to measure resistance, and replaced as necessary. Alternatively, this issue could be the result of a faulty heating element which will need to be changed if defective.

You should also check that the Rack Dry or Air Dry function isn’t selected and that the incoming power supply is the correct voltage for your dryer model.

Haier dryer making a grinding noise

When this happens it generally relates to the dryer rack not being properly installed, and the seat needs to be corrected. If this isn't the case it could be caused by a worn drum bearing which results in the drum rubbing against the back of the casing and will need relacing.

Haier dryer not drying

Reducing the capacity of your load may make a difference but typically the problem lies with the condenser filter which may need cleaning. If the drying time is too short a higher dry level may need to be selected.

Haier dryer beeping

Causes here can include an issue with the control panel which would need to be replaced rather than reset. Bear in mind that some models beep to mark the end of the cycle, or during the anti-crease feature.

Haier dryer drum not turning

If your dryer drum isn't spinning this could be due to an issue with the door not closing securely, or the drum could be overloaded. Other faults could lie with a broken drive belt, worn drum rollers, drum glides, or drum bearings.

Haier dryer error codes

When your appliance is experiencing operating problems a code will display on the screen. These error codes may include:

E1: indicating that the door is open and problems relate to the door switch or wire harness.

E2: when your dryer doesn't heat this code will display and defective heating system components will need to be replaced.

E3: if your load is wet at the end of the cycle the lint screen may be preventing the drying process.

E4: a heating element problem has triggered this code with the humidity sensor failing.

E5: a defective temperatures sensor will cause this error and the part will need to be measured for resistance.

E6: points to a failed drain pump.

E7: the voltage of the power supply needs checking for under or overvoltage.

E8: this is an overload warning and your load needs to be reduced.

Looking for Haier tumble dryer repairs in London?

Your Haier dryer repair in London will be carried out by qualified and experienced experts using modern technology and replacement parts. You’ll be able to request a quick quote upfront and don’t need to pay a deposit. If you’ve got an emergency situation same -day services are on offer. And you’ll be covered for six months by a quality guarantee following your appointment.