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Haier Washing Machine Error Codes Explained

When your washing machine develops an internal problem, it displays an error code. This indicates a technical fault, and to prevent any further damage your appliance will either fail to start or stop mid-cycle.

The error code will point you in the right direction as to where the issue lies – but you may need professional help to fix it. Look at a range of Haier washing machine error codes here…

Haier washing machine error codes explained

See numerical Haier washing machine error codes below:

Haier Washer ERR1

Err 1: Haier washing machine error 1 indicates that the door isn’t closed. This could be due to defective door wiring, the door latch, or a power issue.

Haier Washer ERR2

Err 2: When your washing machine is unable to drain, Err 2 code will display. The pump filter may be blocked, or the drain hose may be kinked or damaged.

Haier Washer ERR3

Err 3: A water temperature sensor Err 3 has been detected and connections will need to be checked to the sensor for continuity.

Haier Washer ERR4

Err 4: A fault has been detected with the heating element – this could be caused by faulty wiring, a malfunctioning thermistor, or the heating element itself.

Haier Washer ERR5

Err 5: When the water level isn’t reached Err 5 code will show. Reasons include kinked hoses, a problem with the water supply, leaks causing the water level to drop, or wiring to the inlet valve.

Haier Washer ERR6

Err 6: There’s a problem with the speed of the main drive motor when Err 6 code displays. Faulty wiring, a defective motor connection block, or the motor tacho unit could be failing.

Haier Washer ERR7

Err 7: Haier washing machine error 7 indicates an issue with the motor resulting in overheating. In this case, the motor may need replacing.

Haier Washer ERR8

Err 8: When the water level exceeds the maximum the safety level in the pressure sensor switch will be activated stopping the overfill. A faulty pressure sensor will cause this to happen consistently, as will an obstructed hose.

Haier Washer ERR13

Err 13: A build-up of lint is typically the culprit here, but an insecure cold water supply connection will also cause this code to display.

Other Haier washing machine error codes

Haier washing machine error codes may also be indicated with letters such as:

  • bLoC PunP: water not draining
  • no tAPS: appliance not filling with water
  • ErLC: door lock has failed
  • ErUL: door lock failure
  • EUAr: communication failure between display and power boards
  • Unb: unbalanced washed load
  • PF: voltage is too low
  • CLrF: excess detergent identified

Common Haier washing machine problems

Haier washing machine leaking

Components that need to be investigated include the inlet hose connections to the appliance and the water supply. Hoses need to be tightened, and the washing machine should be on level flooring. Using too much detergent and overloading can also cause problems with leakage.

Haier washing machine won’t fill

If your appliance isn’t filling with water faults may lie with the inlet valve, inlet hose, inlet filter, or the flood safe hoses restricting the water flowing into the washing machine.

Haier washing machine won’t drain

The drain outlet must be at least 99cm above the floor or your appliance won’t be able to empty water. Other issues cover a blockage in the drain hose, incorrect levelling, or an obstruction in the waste pipe.

Find appliance repairers you can trust

Haier washing machine repairs in London will quickly and effectively be carried out by qualified technicians with years of industry experience. And you’ll get a fully insured service with a six-month quality guarantee. Call or book online to schedule an appointment, and get all of your Haier washing machine problems resolved.