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Hobart dishwasher error codes explained

Hobart dishwasher error codes will display when your appliance is experiencing operating issues. The information given below relates to the most common technical problems and malfunctions indicating where the fault may lie even if you need to call in the professionals to fix it for you.

The most common Hobart dishwasher error codes

Depending on the model of your Hobart dishwasher the error code could be:


Hobart dishwasher error code AL indicates that the drain hose is blocked or that there’s a problem with the drain system.


This is a door fault when the door remains open and the safety end switch is automatically activated.


The detergent and rinse aid containers will need investigating here as your appliance is detecting a deficiency.


Low pressure can cause the compressor to continuously cut off within a set period of time, which may relate to the switching cycle and time control functions.


High pressure will also cause the protector compressor switch to trip and this code will display.


This is a system failure when the connection between the PCBs is broken. Additional possible messages may indicate a short or open circuit.


Hobart dishwasher error code UL will also display when the drain hose is obstructed or the drain system is defective


Hobart dishwasher error code FIL can be caused by the shut-off valve being closed. Alternatively, this issue may be related to a defective fill valve or fill system causing the fill time to exceed.


When your Hobart dishwasher is displaying this code it means that the temperature probe rinse boost is defective and you’ll need expert assistance to repair or replace components.


Similarly, this error code is pointing to the malfunction of the temperature probe tank, requiring an experienced appliance repair engineer to carry out any repairs.


Hobart dishwasher error code F04 is typically related to the appliance being unable to drain. This may be caused by a faulty drain pump, or the filter preventing food particles from getting to the wash pump which could lead to motor failure.


A general temperature fault has been detected here with the temperature fill booster defective.


The possible cause of this error code is that the rinse booster heating is defective. This can result in a restricted operating system and you’ll need expert help to resolve this situation.

If the blue/red start button starts to flash this points to a blockage in the wash tank filters which will need to be cleaned and possibly replaced if damaged.

LXi and AM Select dishwasher display codes

E0, E2, E3 & E4

Any of these codes indicate that your machine isn’t able to be filled with water, or not filling high enough. In either case, your dishwasher won’t operate.


When this code appears your dishwasher is unable to drain properly.


You’ll need to contact an experienced appliance repair technician if this code displays.


Leaks will cause this error code caused by your appliance filling with too much water causing leakage from the door. This code will also show if your dishwasher isn’t standing on a level surface, if level probes are dirty, or the leak is coming from the fill solenoid valve.

P1, P2 or P3

If any of these codes are flashing and a wrench icon also appears you’ll need to contact a professional appliance repairer.

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