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How to Clean Your Kitchen Appliances at the Drop of a Hat

Appliance Cleaning Tips for Both Beginners and Advanced Housewives

Although scrubbing the grill from the greasy BBQ leftovers may not correspond with your idea of a well-spent Saturday, you have to do it from time to time. This will help you keep your cooking area sparkling and bacteria-free. Unfortunately, appliance cleaning is one of the most time-consuming chores, so you better be prepared to invest time into it. Housecleaning is definitely a heavy-duty chore but you will be surprised how many tricks there are that you can take advantage of, when cleaning the appliances in your home. Today, we will share some with you. Read on, to check out our top home appliances cleaning tips.

oven cleaning


Most ovens have a self-cleaning setting but unfortunately, it won't meet your expectations if you haven't cleaned it for a long period of time. Old greasy stains and food leftovers are definitely not the easiest cleaning task to handle. This is why most people prefer to book specialized oven cleaning services instead of spending a whole day stuck inside the oven. Here is how you can save money on professional cleaning services though. Many have tried mixing their own cleaning solution - with soda and water and there is a single reason for it. It works! Soda can help you clean the interior of an oven in less than an hour.


Create a plan for maintenance in advance. Otherwise, you may end up cleaning this small appliance a whole day. If you clean it every week, there won't be any severe or stubborn remains that won't come out even if you scrub hard. Another preventative maintenance plan is to wipe down all of the spills right after you warm up some food in the microwave. If you don't allow the liquid to dry it will be a piece of cake to make this appliance look as sparkling as brand new.

fridge cleaning


The biggest problem when it comes to fridge cleaning are not the leftovers that it is filled with but the removal of the unpleasant smell which appears every time a certain type of food is not covered or kept in a special container. A splash of lemon juice will do just fine when you need to remove all of the unpleasant odours. All lemon-based appliance-cleaning products are amazing and work miracles.

Luckily, appliance cleaning is not a daily chore. You may do it once a fortnight or once a week in order to keep your kitchen clean and sanitary. And if you feel a bit lazy, there are variety of websites like Thales Directory for example where you can find a professional to help you out. A clean kitchen can definitely inspire you to cook more and may earn you a reputation of a great cook among your family or guests.