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Hoover Dishwasher Problems And Troubleshooting

Hoover dishwashers are renowned for their quiet cycles and speed in washing – as well as maximum energy efficiency ratings. With height-adjustable baskets and space for up to 184 separate items, this is a kitchen appliance you can’t be without.

You can even control your dishwasher using your voice with the adaptive Hoover Talks system! However, technology isn’t flawless and this article will guide you through many Hoover dishwasher problems and troubleshooting…

Be Error Code Savvy

Hoover dishwasher error codes will give you an idea of where to start looking for a fault – but won’t pinpoint the exact component that needs attention – or guarantee that you can fix it. See Hoover dishwasher fault codes below:

E1 – this code indicates that the water fill has timed out – meaning that the dishwasher has been unable to fill with water in a realistic time. There are several reasons why this may happen including a defective water inlet valve, or valve connection. There could also be a wiring issue with the water inlet valve which will need investigating by a qualified engineer.

E2 – temperature sensor or NTC is the fault that has been identified here. This can result from a fault with the wiring to the temperature sensor, the temperature sensor itself, or the wiring control module. You’ll need an expert to fix this for you.

E3 – water heating fault or time out – pointing to an issue with the dishwasher being able to heat the water in a reasonable time. Or failing to detect the water heating element. Wiring problems within the element or the main control module can be the culprits here, and will need specialist assistance.

E4 – failing to drain is the difficulty specified here – when the dishwasher has been unable to drain the water from the pump. this could be due to obstructions within the pump itself, blockages in the hoses, the drain pump itself, and possible wiring issues.

E5 – when the flow meter isn’t responding or reading correctly this code will display. And the dishwasher will probably not fill. The flow meter may be at fault – or there may be a blockage in the regeneration chamber.

Common Faults and Explanations

Other Hoover dishwasher problems include:

Hoover dishwasher lights flashing and beeping indicates that you have a flood situation inside the dishwasher with overfill occurring. This may be due to a faulty flood detection circuit which can falsely trigger – or there’s water in the base of the dishwasher housing caused by a leaking hose or seal.

No power to your Hoover dishwasher could mean you’ve got a damaged electrical socket, a blown fuse, or a possible power cut. Your dishwasher won’t work if the door isn’t closed properly as this is a safety mechanism to prevent flooding. Any electrical issues should be dealt with by a dishwasher leaking trained engineer.

A Hoover problem may result from simply using too much detergent – foam will build up and then leak out. Pipes and hoses can become damaged, kinked, or blocked which can all contribute to leaking – and badly fitting connectors and door seals will also play a part. Waste pipes and hoses will need checking too.

If your Hoover dishwasher won’t wash properly this could be due to a badly stacked appliance. Or a possible obstruction stopping the dishwasher arms from turning. Low water pressure will account for the items not being cleaned. And a dirty dishwasher filter can really clog up the workings. Your engineer will swiftly fix all of these problems for you.

Request a Quote

Hoover dishwasher repairs in London are easy to source. Simply get in touch with trusted and experienced appliance repair technicians. You’ll be able to ask for a quote before any repairs are carried out – and you’ll get a fully insured service with a six-month quality guarantee. Your Hoover dishwasher will soon be functioning as new.