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Hoover One Touch Washing Machine Problems

The Hoover brand has been on the market for over a century with a strong reputation for quality kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners and others to help you have a healthier, more sustainable and cleaner home. Yet, when it comes to the question of laundry, it can happen that your Hoover washing machine may sometimes display an error code for various reasons.

You need to diagnose these before proceeding with the actual repairs. These error codes should act as a guideline for identifying what needs to be done. If your Hoover washing machine is displaying some of the error codes mentioned below, you will either be able to resolve the issue yourself or you may need to call in a professional to take a look.


Hoover washing machine error codes

Here are the most common error codes you will see:

E0: Faulty coreboard electronic module. Check the connections to the main control module.

E01/1: This signals a problem with the door lock. Either the door safety lock itself is faulty, the wiring is incorrect or the safety lock’s connection to the printed circuit board (PCB) is not working properly.

E02/2: If you see the error E02 on your Hoover washing machine, it’s a signal that the washing machine is failing to fill with water. This could be due to a blocked fill hose, an issue with the water supply or the inlet valves.

E03: A Hoover washing machine E03 error code means that your washing machine has a drainage pump problem that’s caused either by a fault with the pump or a blocked circuit and this is resulting in the machine failing to drain water.

E04: This means that the left drive wheel has become overloaded. It’s important that you check that debris has not been tangled around it. / This code indicates a leak. The anti-flood mechanism could be malfunctioning and there are multiple instances of anti-flood contacts in the pressure switch being made.

E05: The NTC device is a temperature sensor that connects to the heating element, ensuring that the washer is at the correct temperature while progressing through the cycle. An NTC fault - the temperature sensor detects either an open circuit or a shorted one. A faulty NTC could need a replacement. Alternatively, it may simply require the correction of a loose connection.

E06: The machine is out of balance or has an unbalanced load after a spin cycle. However, it could also signal a problem with the control board or an EEPROM failure - defective electronic controller.

E07: It is possible that when you see the Hoover washing machine E07 error code, a motor fault or jam has been detected, which could require checking the wiring and the motor or the door interlock is faulty.

E08: If you see a Hoover washing machine E08 error code, it is an indication of an issue with the motor speed sensor affecting the spinning cycle; alternatively a motor tacho fault has been detected.

E09: A Hoover washing machine E09 error code signals that the motor triac, which controls the spin speed, has experienced a short circuit on the electronic module. In most cases, it will need to be replaced.

E10: Indicates a problem with the timer or an issue with the drum sensor.

E11-E14: Issues with Hoover washer/dryers which pertain to heating sensor and thermostat problems.

E11: The dryer sensor is faulty.

E12: Faulty communication between the electronic control boards and the wiring.

E13: Communication error between the boards and the wiring.

E14: A water heating error or a coreboard fault have been detected.

E15: Defective control module: the circuit board needs to be re-programmed or the memory chip has become corrupted.

E16: If you see a Hoover washing machine E16 error code, it most likely means that your washing machine has a faulty water heater or that the water heating element or heater insulation has been detected as a short circuit.

E17: A problem with the motor tachometer, which controls the speed of the washing machine motor. It is emitting no signals and will need to be replaced, unless the fault lies with the wiring and connections.

E18: A problem with the washing machine control board/module, essentially the “heart” of your Hoover washing machine. It will need to be replaced by a trained professional.

E20: A Hoover washing machine E20 error code can mean a blockage or obstruction in the drain pump.


Final thoughts

Diagnosing your Hoover washing machine problems is one thing but repairing an error or a fault is another. You will require the experienced services of a professional service provider to ensure that the work is guaranteed to last and that you can rest assured that your washing machine will be operating as usual again and not letting you down when you need to do your laundry. This is why you can always rely on our experts at Exclusive Repairs. You get to enjoy a whole host of perks in addition to quality and professional repairs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!