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Hoover Oven Problems And Troubleshooting

All Hoover ovens have at least an A star energy rating and excel in design, performance, and capacity. Even temperatures throughout produce consistent cooking, and the latest cooking technology means effortless yet impressive meals at home!

So, what do you do when you start having issues? Find out more about common Hoover oven problems and troubleshooting here…

Troubleshooting Guide

Hoover oven problems can include:

Hoover oven not working

Some Hoover ovens have a clock or timer function that lets the oven operate later in the day or switch off after a certain period of time. If this function isn’t set to manual the oven won’t start to cook.

Other issues involve incoming electricity supply, the main fuse tripping the circuit breaker, or the wrongly fitted amp rated fuse. All electrical issues can be safely diagnosed and resolved by a qualified electrical repair technician.

Hoover oven says stop

When this happens, or the Hoover oven is flashing stop it points to a problem with the time setting function. The left control must be in the off position and the oven turned off. When the power is restored pressing the centre button should eliminate the stop messages. This process may need to be repeated, but if the problem persists the main control board may be at fault and in need of repairing or replacing.

Hoover oven overheating

If your oven doesn’t have adequate ventilation this can compromise the heat build-up both inside and outside of the appliance. Vent spaces should be open and not blocked or covered in any way.

If the oven temperature becomes higher than the set level this is an indication that the thermostat is defective. The oven can also overheat if there’s a problem with the heating element, and an issue with the heating sensor can also be a reason for the glitch.

Selector switches that act as a communication device between the heating elements and the thermostat and regulate the heat can sometimes short. This signals a lower than actual temperature causing the heating elements to overheat the oven.

Any of these problems will quickly be rectified by an experienced appliance repairer.

Hoover Oven Fault Codes

Hoover oven error codes are designed to be used for diagnostic purposes, but putting the fault right will often need the help of an experienced engineer. A sample of codes are shown below:

  • ER01 – faulty communications between electronic control modules – connections and connectors will have to be checked for damage, arcing, or burning
  • ER02 or ER03– faulty programme selector switch which will need to be replaced if damaged
  • ER04 – the NTC sensor on the main control board registers as an open circuit meaning the wiring needs to be examined
  • ER05 – the NTC sensor on the main control board is registering a short circuit requiring a wiring check
  • ER06 – Hoover oven error code 6 is the detection of an overheat when the mina motherboard exceeds the recommended temperature
  • ER07 or ER08 – the food probe temperature has been detected as a short circuit and the food probe, connector, and wiring to the main control board need inspecting
  • ER09 – the food probe temperature detected as a short circuit and checks need to be carried out as for ER07/8
  • ER10 – the oven temperature probe is detected as an open circuit and connectors, wiring to the main control board and oven NTC need to be examined

Refer to your manufacturer’s guide for a comprehensive list of error codes and their meanings.

Guaranteed Oven Electrical Repair

When you need Hoover oven repair (electric oven) in London then take a look at specialist appliance repairers with years of industry experience. You’ll be able to make a short-notice appointment, get a quote upfront, and be assured that your oven repairs will be carried out by a trusted local professional. And what’s more, your service will be fully insured and come with a six-month quality guarantee.