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Hoover Washing Machine Common Problems And Troubleshooting Steps You Should Take

The Hoover Dynamic Next range of dishwashers have eco-powered inverter motors, self-dosing systems, auto-care, and are Wi-Fi connected! But even the most advanced technology has its glitches.

Look at Hoover washing machine problems and troubleshooting steps you should take below…

Hoover washing machine troubleshooting

Hoover Dynamic Next problems include:

Hoover washing machine not spinning

When your appliance isn't spinning this can be caused by an obstructed footer or drain pump. The drain pump filter must be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure your appliance works efficiently and spins properly.

Bear in mind there is a button that allows you to change the spin speed or turn the spin off so that needs to be checked. And the load needs to be evenly balanced to enable the drum to spin without excessive movement and vibration as this safety feature may stop your machine from spinning the load.

Hoover washing machine cycle won’t start

If the delay start has been accidentally activated this will stop your washing machine from starting and it will only start when the selected time slot has been reached. You’ll need to reset this feature by pressing the button repeatedly until HO appears on the display to register cancellation.

If the door won’t close securely this can cause starting issues. Checks will need to be carried out on the wiring to the door lock and the door switch. There may be issues with the water supply via the water fill pipe that many have become kinked or crushed during installation. The water inlet valve may also be the culprit.

Hoover washing machine won’t drain

When the water is standing in the base of your appliance this can relate to issues with the filters and surrounding parts. Otherwise, the pump filter may be obstructed and the cavity needs to be cleared of debris. The drain pump itself may also be defective. The drain hose may have become kinked or blocked preventing the water from leaving your appliance.

Hoover washing machine error codes

Hoover washing machine faults are displayed with error codes. See a sample below:

Hoover washing machine E03

This error message indicates that the water is unable to drain away. This draining problem can be caused by faulty wiring to the drain pump, an obstructed drain pump, or a defective drain pump itself. The drain filter may be dirty and require cleaning or the drain hose may be kinked or blocked.

Hoover washing machine E08

If your washing machine is experiencing problems with the motor this error code will display. The most common cause is that the carbon brushes have worn and are preventing the completion of a circuit through to the motor itself. Wiring and connections will also need to be tested on the speed sensor, and the speed sensor will need checking too.

Hoover washing machine E16

Hoover washing machine error code E16 indicates that there’s an issue with the water heater. When the heating insulation has failed this can lead to a blown fuse and cause it to trip the circuit breaker. If the heating element is faulty the wash cycle will reach the stage where the element engages and trip the circuit again. You will be able to see visual signs that the element is faulty and needs replacing.

Get Hoover washing machine repairs in London

A Hoover washing machine repair is easily arranged and you’ll even be able to get a same-day service when you need it! Any repairs carried out will be completed by qualified professionals using the latest tools and replacement parts specifically for your appliance. This work is fully insured and guaranteed for six months too.