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Hoover Washing Machine Error Codes Explained

Hoover Vision Tech washing machines feature 1400rpm spin loads and 8kg drum capacity. With 16 wash programmes and delay starts this appliance also comes with an A+ energy rating.

Hoover Silent washing machines use silent inverters for unbelievable quiet running and minimal vibrations. With an A+++ energy rating, super load capacity and remote control what more could you ask for from your washing machine?

On the downside when your appliance starts experiencing problems, you’ll want to know the cause – even if you can’t fix it yourself. Take a look at a range of Hoover Vision Tech washing machine error codes and Hoover Silent washing machine error codes here…

Hoover washing machine error codes explained

Hoover washing machine error codes are simply a guide to the system or function that’s not working or is defective. In each case the digital display panel will show:

Hoover washing machine error 0 – a faulty coreboard electronic module is typically the culprit here

Hoover washing machine E01 – this issue is normally associated with the door lock itself, the wiring or connection to the lock, or the connection to the printed circuit board that controls all electronic functions

Hoover washing machine E02 - error E02 on your Hoover washing machine displays when the appliance can’t fill with water and indicates that there’s a problem with a blocked hose, inlet valve, or water supply

Hoover washing machine E03 – not draining in the required time will cause this error code to display and is related to a pump fault or a blockage in the filter or drain hose. The level sensor switch may also be faulty

Hoover washing machine error E04 – anti-flood contacts made in the pressure switch warns of a leak. This could be due to a defective sensor switch or a water inlet valve locked open

Hoover washing machine error E05 – the NTC washing machine temperature sensor has detected an open or short circuit and will display this code. The wiring may be at fault or the NTC device may need replacing

Hoover washing machine error E06 – this code implies that there’s a problem with the electronic control board that often prevents the appliance from spinning

Hoover washing machine E07 – when this code displays it could be a potentially serious issue with the motor resulting in complete operation failure

Hoover washing machine E08 – when spin speeds start to fluctuate you may have a problem with the motor speed sensor, the wiring, or the motor connector block

Hoover washing machine E09 – the motor triac which controls the spin speed may have short-circuited and need replacing

Hoover washing machine E10 – on older models this error code indicates that there’s an issue with the timer or the drum sensor

Hoover washing machine E12 or E13 – this is likely to be a communication error between the electronic control boards due to the wiring

Hoover washing machine E14 – a water heating problem has been detected usually related to the element or thermostat

Hoover washing machine E15 – the circuit board may need re-programming, or the electronic controller replacing

Hoover washing machine E16 – a broken heating element causing the heater to malfunction will blow the fuse and trip the power

Hoover washing machine E17 – the motor tachometer that controls the speed of the washing machine may be defective and need replacing

Hoover washing machine E18 – this code signals a problem with the control board or incorrect electrical input frequency

Hoover washing machine E20 – on some models this points to an obstruction in the drain pump resulting in pumping problems and the drum not turning

Time to call in the experts

Hoover washing machine repair London specialists are ready and waiting to help! Specially trained technicians with advanced tools and equipment will quickly find the source of your problem and safely fix it for you. your service will be fully insured and come with a six-month quality guarantee.