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Hoover Washing Machines Common Problems And How to Troubleshoot Them

Hoover washing machines have mixed load programmes letting you wash different fabrics at the same time. Cutting the time spent on sorting the laundry. Sensors reduce the water level when small loads are detected. And large drum openings make appliances easy to load.

However, on occasions, your appliance may experience particular issues. See some Hoover washing machines common problems and troubleshooting here…

Error Codes Explained

A selection of Hoover washing machine error codes is listed below. A comprehensive guide will be found in your manufacturer’s manual.

Hoover washing machine e03 means that your washing machine has a draining issue. This fault may also be indicated by LED lights flashing three times before pausing – and then repeating.

The problems that prevent drainage include blockages in the drain filter or the drain pump. The pump may also be defective. Restrictions in the pressure chamber and faulty pressure switches can also be culprits. Or there may be a wiring snag that will need advice from an electrician.

Hoover washing machine e08 – or LED lights flashing eight times before pausing and repeating – indicates problems related to the motor and often the motor speed sensor. Spinning at high speeds or not spinning at all are two factors that confirm this issue.

Hoover washing machine faults may include your Hoover washing machine not spinning. This could be due to the incorrect programme being selected – a quick wash programme, for example, will only do a low-speed spin and laundry may still feel wet at the end of the cycle.

The filter and drain pump can also affect the spin if they’re dirty or obstructed in some way. Wiring and connections need to be safely checked by an expert before the motor itself. Then any repairs or replacements can be carried out.

Hoover washing machine error code e16 – or LED lights flashing 16 times before pausing and repeating? Then it’s likely that your washing machine is experiencing problems with the water heater. When the heating insulation is failing this can result in a tripped fuse to stop any further damage.

The heating element will need to be checked with a multimeter – a zero reading or a very high reading would indicate that the element is faulty and needs replacing.

Hoover Dynamic Next Model

The Hoover Dynamic Next washing machine comes in a range of models with individual key features. 9kg drums are ideal for medium sized households. And automatic settings adjust to take care of your clothes – saving energy and water.

Quick washes can be chosen if you’re short of time. And you can even control your appliance by pairing it to your mobile smartphone!

Hoover Dynamic Next problems can include:

A cycle that won’t start – if your washing machine is displaying an H then the delay start may have been accidentally activated – the number next to the H indicates when the machine will commence the cycle. Unless you can cancel the delay start your appliance won’t function.

If the door isn’t shut firmly to activate the safety lock the washing machine won’t start. The water supply can also affect the operation. As can electrical power, in which case the sockets, fuses, and incoming power will need to be checked by an electrician.

Water that won’t drain – the drain hose needs to be securely fixed to the sink in order for the water to drain away. In new models, the drain hose may have a covering cap for protection during transportation.

Further problems arise when the connection becomes blocked with debris. This could be small toys, socks, and often coins. The drain pump filter will need to be checked as well the drain pump itself.

A blocked drain may also result in excess water being unable to drain away.

A door that won’t open – bear in mind that a safety lock is fitted to the door to ensure that the drum has stopped revolving before you unload the appliance. This can keep the door locked for up to five minutes after the cycle has ended – then the catch will be released and the door can safely be opened.

Dirty water in the drum – this points to a problem with the installation. And the washing machine drain hose may need to be repositioned – higher than the sink overflow. Fitting this properly will ensure that an air block will stop dirty sink water from backfilling into your machine. Any plumbing issues can be quickly dealt with by a trained technician with plumbing qualifications.

Problems Solved

Get Hoover washing machine repairs in London from experienced and qualified engineers. You’ll be able to arrange a short notice booking – or one on a Saturday for the same price. Want to know how much your repair will cost? Ask for a quote on the job you need doing beforehand. And remember that your fully insured service will come with a six-month quality guarantee.