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Hotpoint Dishwasher Problems And Troubleshooting

Hotpoint dishwashers are available in an entire range of freestanding, fully, and partially integrated models. With energy ratings of A++ and environmentally friendly features, the dishwashers optimise space and operate silently.

Dual Space, Zone Wash 2 Baskets, and Extra Silent are just a few of the additional qualities that make these dishwashers so appealing. However, even modern technology can have setbacks. See some Hotpoint dishwasher problems and troubleshooting here…

Common Dishwasher Issues

There’s some basic information that's handy to know before you call in a trained engineer. This includes what could be wrong with your dishwasher. And what the Hotpoint dishwasher error codes flashing lights mean. See below…

Dishwasher won’t start

There are numerous reasons why your dishwasher won’t start and these include problems with the thermal fuse, door switch or latch, the timer, the touchpad and control panel, or the main control board. All of these issues can be fixed by a trained technician.

Dishwasher won’t fill

The most frequent causes are a defective water inlet valve, float switch, or water supply problems. Water pressure will need to be checked, and inlet valves repaired or replaced. And any faulty float switches exchanged.

Dishwasher won’t drain

Many causes of the dishwasher not draining include problems with the:

  • - Drain pump or drain impeller
  • - Drain valve or drain solenoid kit
  • - Motor assembly and pump
  • - Blocked garbage disposer
  • - Drain hose
  • - Check valve
  • - Check ball
  • - Water pump belt

A qualified engineer will diagnose the problem and offer you an immediate solution.

Dishwasher leaking

A defective water inlet valve, door seal, or door gasket can cause this issue. As can problems with the lower, centre, and upper arm wash assembly.

A Flashing Light Guide

Hotpoint dishwasher error codes displayed through LED flashing lights can help you identify the problem. Hotpoint dishwasher fault codes include:

  • F01 – this is the Anti-Flood Overflow code and indicates you may have a drainage issue – number one light flashing
  • F02 – this points to a water fill solenoid valve failure and means that your dishwasher will have difficulties filling with water – number 2 light will flash
  • F03 – another problem with the water drainage system if LED lights one and two are flashing
  • F04 – when the third light is flashing there’s a problem with the thermostat
  • F05 – the most common cause here is pressure switch failure
  • F06 – when the second and third lights are flashing the water fill timeout has been reached
  • F07 – accompanied by 1,2, and 3 flashing lights indicates that the water turbine has been damaged
  • F08 – flashing light 4 is the result of a temperature timeout fault
  • F09 – 1 and 4 lights flashing specify a software error
  • F10 – a problem with the heating element will cause lights 2 and 4 to flash
  • F11 – a wash pump failure will set off lights 1, 2, and 4
  • F12 – 3 and 4 lights flashing show a problem with your mainboard and display
  • F13 – flashing lights 1,3, and 4 – another issue with your mainboard
  • F15 – when lights 1,2,3, and 4 all flash the dishwasher’s virtual sensor is defective

Common Error Fault Codes

Hotpoint Aquarius dishwasher fault codes include:

  • A-1: Overfilling
  • A-2: water inlet valve malfunction
  • A-3: draining water time out
  • A-4: error detected on thermistor circuit
  • A-5: circulation pump blockage

For a comprehensive guide of Hotpoint Aquarius dishwasher faults, consult your manufacturers manual. Hotpoint dishwasher salt and rinse aid lights flashing, for example, could be related to the pump motor.

Contact the Experts

When you need a Hotpoint dishwasher repair London professional simply make a call. You’ll be able to make an appointment on the same day. Or at short notice. Your technician will arrive with all the tools needed to get the job done. Quickly and efficiently. And your Hotpoint dishwasher problems will all be solved.