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Hotpoint Tumble Dryer Problems And How to Troubleshoot Them

You’ll find a range of tumble dryers from Hotpoint that have anti-tangle features, variable heat settings, and special programmes for different types of material. You can choose from front or top loading. And select condenser, heat pump, or air-vented options.

The Hotpoint Aquarius, for example, has a special drum action that reduces creasing. And a setting dedicated to synthetic fabrics. With a large porthole for easy loading, and a 7kg drum capacity this dyer is ideal for medium-sized households.

But, on occasion, your tumble dryer may experience issues. Potential safety concerns with a condenser and vented tumble dryers where excess fluff coming into contact with the heating element presented a fire risk were recently identified. And corrected by Hotpoint engineers.

For your peace of mind see some common Hotpoint tumble dryer problems and troubleshooting here…

Identifying Issues

Hotpoint Aquarius tumble dryer faults include:

Clothes still wet

Hotpoint Aquarius condenser tumble dryer problems become apparent when garments never seem to dry. Or it takes much longer than indicated for them to dry. The most common fault here is a blockage in the condenser unit. Lint can fall into the condenser and gets wet and sticky. A build-up will then prevent the air from circulating. The condenser assembly can easily be removed and cleaned by a technician.

Dryer not turning

When your Hotpoint Aquarius tumble dryer won’t tumble it won’t dry clothes either. This is often due to a broken drive belt that causes the drum to stop turning. A tumble dryer belt fitter designed to attach a new belt will be needed. And this job also requires removal of back, front, and side panels and is best left to an expert.

A faulty start capacitor may be the culprit. This unit kick-starts the motor and changes the drum direction. Handling them can give you an electric shock so you’ll need advice from an electrician if this is the issue.

Empty water light always on

A Hotpoint Aquarius tumble dryer empty water light staying on normally means there’s a problem with the pump. This can quickly become blocked by lint and fluff. Or the pump may be faulty and need to be replaced.

On condenser dryers, the moist air passes over the condenser which drains into a tank that can be emptied later. When the tank is full the light comes on. If the pump unit fails due to a jamming or deteriorating float the light will remain on.

Miscellaneous Faults

Other Hotpoint Aquarius tumble dryer problems may include:

Tripping the electric – due to a wet or blocked condenser box

Making a noise – problems with the drum, drum bearings, motor bearings, or an uneven surface are all reasons for banging noises

Grinding noises – possible worn rollers, a slipped belt, or damaged tensioner or gliders

Not heating up – the heater may have overheated, the assembly may be broken, or the thermostat defective

No heat produced – issues with drainage into the reservoir could indicate a faulty pump

Other Issues

Another Hotpoint tumble dryer fault with vented dryers is for lint to build up in the hose. The hose connection at the back of the dryer or the wall vent may become blocked. And without air circulating the dryer won’t dry clothes properly.

Certain Hotpoint models with an added creased care feature will keep tumbling the clothes intermittently until the programme dial is manually advanced to the off position.

Tumble Dryer Repair Specialists

Looking for a Hotpoint tumble dryer repair London professional? Choose appliance repairs carried out by specially trained staff using the most modern tools and equipment. You’ll get a fully insured service that comes with a quality guarantee that lasts for six months. And your Hotpoint tumble dryer will be fixed in no time at all.