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Hotpoint Washing Machine Error Codes Explained

Depending on the model your Hotpoint washing machine will either have a digital LCD display that shows the letter and number when a problem is detected, or lights that can help identify the fault.

Error codes with digital displays begin with a fault code begin with the letter F. Flashing lights are individual or in a group. Look at some common Hotpoint washing machine error codes here…

Hotpoint washing machine error codes explained

Hotpoint F01 – flashing light 4

This indicates an electronic circuit board fault where you’re unable to select some or any of the functions

Hotpoint F02 – flashing light 3

This motor fault is often related to a defective tachometer coil and results in the drum not rotating though the wash cycle

Hotpoint F03 – flashing lights 3 & 4

This temperature sensing issue means that the appliance won’t heat on wash or dry settings and the culprit could be the thermistor

Hotpoint F04 – flashing light 2

If the pressure switch is faulty or jammed it indicates to the appliance that there’s no water and the machine will keep filling. Blockages in the hose, the pump, or wiring issues can also be the problem

Hotpoint F05 – flashing lights 2 & 5

Hotpoint washing machine F05 error code signifies another waste pipe blockage or pump issue causing the door not opening or water staying in the drum

Hotpoint F06 – flashing lights 2 & 3

Hotpoint washing machine F06 error code is related to a door lock fault where the door is closed but the programme won’t start.

Hotpoint F07 – flashing lights 2,3, & 4

A circuit board or heating element failure results in the appliance stopping midway through the cycle and the water not heating up

Hotpoint F08 – flashing light 1

When the wash cycle stops partway through this indicates an issue with the heater. You may find the pump runs continuously

Hotpoint F09 – flashing lights 1 & 4

This is a software fault and you may be unable to select a programme and multiple lights will flash on the display

Hotpoint 10 – flashing lights 1 & 3

This error code relates to a malfunctioning pressure switch which affects waster regulation in and out of the drum

Hotpoint 11 – flashing lights 1,3, & 4

A drainage failure will cause this code to display and is probably due to a drain pump circuit fault

Hotpoint F12 – flashing lights 1 & 2

Hotpoint washing machine F12 error indicates an electronic control fault and the appliance won’t turn on

Hotpoint F13 – flashing lights 1,2 & 3

In washer dryers, this code is the detection of dryer temperatures sensing fault and clothes won’t dry

Hotpoint F14 – flashing lights 1,2, & 3

This is an issue with the motor affecting the drum rotation, possibly caused by a defective tachometer coil

Hotpoint F15 – flashing lights 1,2,3 &4

A heater control fault with a washer-dryer will instigate this error code. The machine won’t dry clothes and may stop mid-cycle

Hotpoint F16 – flashing light 5

In top loading machines the drum lock position sensor fault has been detected. The drum will stop in the wrong position

Hotpoint F17 – flashing light 5

This door lock error code will alert you that the door isn’t securely locked which could relate to an issue with the door lock mechanism, or faulty wiring

Hotpoint F18 – flashing light 3

An internal data error will result in some or all of the display functions not working and is a problem with the control board

Hotpoint Aquarius washing machine error code H20

This is often caused by a water supply problem

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