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How Does A Microwave Work And Is It Safe?

Microwaves are used in ovens for heating – a technology featured in almost every home. Food cooks quickly without the oven getting hot. And cooking is easy and time-saving. But there are some concerns when it comes to your well-being and risks that may occur from the microwaves. To find out how does a microwave work and is it safe? Read on…

A Brief Microwave History

Who invented the microwave oven? An American engineer accidentally discovered the precise heating effect of a microwave beam in 1945. Percy Spencer had a bar of chocolate in his pocket that melted whilst he was working with an active radar set.

After conducting several experiments with high-density microwave power in a sealed metal box, the microwave heating process within an oven was soon put into a Boston restaurant.

The first commercial microwave oven was available in 1947, and the industry grew rapidly from 1970 to 1975. By 1986 almost a quarter of households owned a microwave. Today that figure is approximately 90%.

Frequently Asked Questions about Microwaves

How do microwaves work?

Microwaves give out non-iodising radiation that has enough energy to cause molecules in food to move. Without altering the chemical structure of the food itself. The heat is generated by harmless friction which cooks the food. Microwaving food doesn’t cause it to be radioactive.

How does a microwave work?

The electromagnetic waves are converted when you start cooking. They are short but carry a huge amount of energy. As the food spins on the turntable the microwaves cook it evenly. The microwaves bounce off the sides of the oven until they reach the food. The vibrating molecules then heat the food rapidly.

Are microwaves safe?

There’s actually no evidence to indicate that microwaves reduce the nutritional value of your food. Or cause health issues. As long as you use microwave ovenware, and follow the instructions on ready meal packaging, unsafe elements from plastic containers or covers will not leak into your food. If you’re unsure about microwaving any packaging simply transfer the food to a glass or porcelain container suitable for microwave cooking.

Are microwaves bad?

See arguments against using microwaves for cooking and the responses:

  • You can’t feed your baby breast milk heated in the microwave – this may be due to the heat not being distributed evenly within the bottle causing hot spots
  • Food is stripped of original nutrients – microwaving is actually one of the best methods for preserving the nutrients in food
  • Microwaves cause changes in blood make-up – microwaves don’t make your food radioactive. Nor is there positive proof that they release harmful radiation that increases your risk of cancer
  • High doses of chemicals from plastics may cause weight gain, infertility and other health issues – microwaving food probably doesn’t increase exposure to these chemicals at all and the amounts released are well within safety guidelines
Are microwaves bad for you?

If your microwave is working properly the shield inside the oven will stop any microwaves being dispersed into the air. Studies have indicated that there’s no definite correlation between microwaves and an increase in cancer rates.

Years of research and basic physics show that microwaving is fast, convenient, and ultimately a safe way of cooking food. And microwave cooking of proteins and minerals barely seem to affect the nutrients. Just follow the instructions for use to avoid causing any harm.

Microwave Need Repairing?

When you want guaranteed appliance repairs in London, look for a company that offers an insured service from trained and qualified technicians. You’ll be able to book your microwave repair at short notice. And get a quote beforehand. Your work will come with a six-month quality warranty. And your microwave oven will quickly be ready to use and safe once more.