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How Long Should A Washing Machine Last?

Washing machines eliminate the effort needed to hand wash clothes. They’re available in a huge range of sizes from portable apartment-size models to family proportions that can handle 10kg loads.

New technology means modern washing machines are quiet with specially designed drums that ensure even washing – and variable spin options let you adjust the spin speed to avoid tangles. Extra features include anti-stain and eco-friendly wash programmes.

So, how long do washing machines last? Read on…

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a washing machine last?

The average life of a washing machine is 11 years, although expectations are for 14 years. Even though newer washing machines can last this long repairs can begin to get more expensive with problems happening more frequently. Extra money outlaid for a newer model can be saved through energy bills, particularly if you do a wash every day.

Should I repair a 10-year-old washing machine?

Bear in mind that your washing machine won’t be under guarantee – and this older appliance will certainly be using more electricity and water than newer models. The closer the appliance gets to its end of life expectancy the more expensive it can become to run and repair.

Can you overuse a washing machine?

Today’s models tend to be able to manage hundreds of loads before being put under pressure – earlier models were often built to deal with thousands of loads, depending on usage levels. Research has shown that the average person performs a wash 135 times annually, a couple 270 washes a year, and a family of four 540 washes during a 12-month period. Choosing a washing machine that suits your lifestyle and following the manufacturer's guidelines will help to extend your washing machine’s life cycle without fear of overuse.

What can damage a washing machine?

You can improve the life expectancy of your appliance by not overloading as this can stress the motor and other components which causes them to wear more quickly. Damage can be caused to the suspension and the bearings.

Excessive detergent is also another culprit that wears parts down faster than necessary as residues can damage sensitive control panels. Consult the user manual to ensure using the optimal amount of detergent for your particular machine.

Wearing or damaged brushes can cause an off and on user problem and a decrease in performance – this is typically how to tell if washing machine brushes need replacing.

Other items that can ruin your washing machine are coins or other metal objects that repeatedly bang against the drum and door which can lead to leaks. Zips can get caught in the drum so remember to pull the tab all the way up, or use mesh laundry bags for protection.

How often should I replace my washing machine?

Consumer Reports recommend that you replace any appliance that’s older than eight years, but there are signs that you may need a new washing machine earlier than that. These warning signs include:

  • Excessive leaking – this could be due to overflowing from a loose connection, problems with wear and tear of water hoses, or a cracked drum
  • Loud noises – if your washing load is uneven or unbalanced this may be the cause, or it could be the washing machine isn’t on a level surface. Other faults may be related to the motor mount, drum, or bearings
  • Water not filling the drum – a delated cycle selection, a kink in the hose pipe, or issues with the water faucets can all influence water intake

When You Need Expert Advice

Washing machine repair London professionals will diagnose any faults you’re experiencing with your appliance – and give you all the facts you need to enable you to decide whether your washing machine will benefit from the necessary repairs – or if you need to buy a new one.