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How Long Should Kitchen Appliances Last?


Reliability and quality of new kitchen appliances are often more important than the price. So what is your appliances life expectancy if maintained properly? Read on…


Gas ovens can last up to five years longer than electric ovens on average. By taking care of your oven, this appliance can have a life span of approximately 13 – 15 years! Microwave ovens may last for nine years.

Cleaning your oven every day is a simple way to ensure the longevity of your unit. The build-up of grease and food remnants will cause your oven to work less efficiently – taking longer to heat up – and will taint your food. Eventually this residue can become a potential fire hazard. By removing the racks to soak, wiping down the inside walls, and scraping away burned on carbon on a regular basis, you’ll avoid all of these problems, and your oven will reach its life expectancy with ease.

how long do appliances last

Washing Machines


There are many factors that affect the lifetime of a washing machine including correct installation, how often it’s used, and detergent usage. All these influence the potential lifetime. Most manufacturers will guarantee their machines for five years, some for ten years, and a small will say they test for a 20 year last.

Maintaining your washing machine is quite simple. Run it on empty two or three times a year with an approved cleaning solution. This’ll prevent unpleasant odours, and kill bacteria. Don’t overload as this can cause damage to the motor and to garments. Keep the fabric conditioner drawer clean by wiping out regularly, and only adding the correct amount per load.


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Nine years is the guide for the life expectancy of your dishwasher, typically lasting between seven and 12 years. Bear in mind that more expensive models don’t necessarily guarantee a longer life as there are more things that can go wrong! However, newer models do offer reduced water usage, increased energy efficiency, and quieter operation mode.

Staying on top of maintenance is again very important. Remove holders and racks to clean properly, and get rid of any debris that’s trapped in the holes of spinning arms. Wipe down the gasket and around the edges of the door. Use bleach to remove any mould or mildew. Purchase an approved dishwasher rust removing solution to take care of this problem. If you’re going to tackle a deep clean by taking apart your dishwasher, don’t forget to unplug the unit before you begin.


Search online for a reputable domestic appliance repair service that offers you a quality guarantee as well as free quotes, and low rates. They’ll have the knowledge and the tools to fix any issues quickly and efficiently. If you keep on top of your maintenance your appliance life expectancy will be extended to the maximum.