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How To Clean A Dishwasher Filter?

Dishwasher filters stop soggy food remnants from settling on your newly cleaned dishes and prevent blocking of the dishwasher drain. As water and dishwasher detergent circulate rinsing dirty glasses, dishes, and cutlery, bits of food are washed away and land in the filter at the base of the appliance.

The filter then stops the food from being redeposited, and also cleans and clears the dishwasher, as well as protecting the pump from becoming blocked. Keeping your filter free of food build-up is an essential part of ensuring all of your tableware is thoroughly cleansed. See how to clean a dishwasher filter here…

Types of dishwasher filters


Hard food disposers are self-cleaning filters that rely on an integrated grinder to crush food – similar to waste disposal – which can then be washed away through the drain. This prevents any build-up of food.


Dishwashers with manual filters need cleaning at least once a month determined by the usage, and how often the pre-rinse is utilised. This removable part shaped like a cylinder normally has arrows indicating which way to twist to remove it.

Types of dishwashers

Whirlpool dishwasher – how to clean the filter is done in three easy steps. Firstly, remove the filter by taking out the lower dish rack and locating the filter either in the back corner of the tub or at the base of the lower spray arm. Turn the upper filter a quarter-turn clockwise and take it out then lift and pull the lower filter forward to remove it.

Clean the filter by holding it under running water to get rid of most of the food remnants. Use a soft brush and washing up liquid to remove any calcium deposits – be careful to avoid scouring pads as these will damage the filter.

Replace the filter by returning the lower filter under the tabs and lining it up with the opening, and then fit the upper filter. Keep turning clockwise until it locks into place.

Maytag dishwasher – how to clean the filter starts with accessing the part – take out the lower dish rack to expose the filter in the back corner, or around the base of the bottom spray arm. Some Maytag dishwashers have a triple filter system which has two parts – the upper assembly, and a lower filter.

Turn the upper filter a quarter counter-clockwise and take it out. Then lift the lower filter slightly to pull it forward and out. Rinse the filter under the tap, and then soak in warm, soapy water for a few minutes. Remove calcium deposits with a soft brush or an old toothbrush. Reinstall the filter by aligning the arrows and ensuring the filter is locked into position.

Bosch dishwasher – how to clean the filter in a Bosch appliance is carried out by opening the door fully and removing the lower shelf. The filter will be on the floor next to the lower arm spray. After you’ve released the cylinder filter take out any food particles that have accumulated under the chamber channel.

Use running warm water to clean the filter, followed by a mild detergent mix to ensure all the food deposits are thoroughly washed away. Before replacing the filter clean around the level filter which is usually on the dishwasher floor – it can be lifted up to enable washing with warm, soapy water.

Filter cleaning frequency

If you use your dishwasher one to three times a week without a pre-rinse you should clean the filter every two months. Four to seven loads a week increases this to once a month. Eight to 12 loads weekly will require a filter clean every two weeks, and 13-14 weekly loads need a filter clean every week.

Filter issues

Dishwasher repair London professionals will provide you with a fully insured service that comes with a six-month quality guarantee – perfect for solving any dishwasher filter problems.