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How To Clean Tumble Dryer Filter?

The filter in a tumble dryer traps any lint or fluff that comes off your laundry. The fine mesh stops this from getting into the outer cabinet that houses the drum and the heating element. Not cleaning your tumble dryer can create a potentially serious fire risk, so it’s an imperative part of your tumble dryer maintenance.

See how to clean a tumble dryer filter here…

The importance of your dryer filter

Any obstruction or damage to the filter will prevent it from working properly. The fluff or lint captured by the filter is bone dry and contact with heat will cause it to catch fire. A blocked filter will also use more energy resulting in poor performance and a higher electricity bill.

In the worst-case scenario, you’ll need to replace the filter as cleaning it simply won’t be enough.

Basic cleaning of your tumble dryer filter

The tumble dryer needs to be completely cool before the filter can be located. It’s normally found behind a panel at the front of the dryer or inside the door rim. The filter will need to be taken out and then lint can be removed with a soft brush, or by using an appropriate accessory on a vacuum cleaner. When free of all traces of lint the filter can be rehoused.

Specific filter dryer cleaning

A Beko tumble dryer clean filter light will display when the filter needs cleaning. In order to do this, the loading door will need to be opened and the filter removed by pulling it in an upwards motion. Manually remove any lint and fibre with a soft cloth. For heavier soiling washing the filter under warm water and drying completely before reinstalling will be the best option.

A Hotpoint tumble dryer clean filter light also indicates that the filter needs a clean. The fluff filter is located at the bottom of the door opening. Pull out the filter and clean any fluff build-up with a vacuum cleaner. Cleaning the filter after every use will ensure your appliance continues to work effectively.

A Candy condenser tumble dryer clean filter task involves removing the access panel and the condenser door. The latch will need to be carefully unlocked to pull the condenser out. Put the condenser into the sink and rinse well with warm water, ensuring none of the wires is bent. Covering the drain will make sure that none of the lint goes down the sink.

Wipe off any remaining lint and thoroughly dry the condenser before reassembling it. Lint in the reservoir is a sure indication that the condenser needs cleaning.

A Hoover tumble dryer filter removal is carried out by locating the fluff filter in the bottom of the door recess. It can easily be lifted out and the mesh trap cleaned by washing in warm water. For condenser models, the filter is found behind the bottom cover or plinth and can be carefully cleaned in the same way.

Bosch tumble dryer filter removal is quite straightforward. Simply locate the filters in the door area and pull upwards to remove them. Use a cloth on the inside and outside to remove lint, followed by a wash under warm water and a dry with a clean cloth. Repeat the process on the second filter and slot both filters back into position.

An Indesit tumble dryer clean filter procedure includes lifting out the lint filter and manually removing any excess fluff. Rinse the filter and dry before replacing. For condenser models, unclip the condenser and rinse under warm water lengthways before drying and reinstalling.

Tumble dryer not working properly?

When you need tumble dryer repairs in London simply contact local appliance repair technicians for a safe, affordable, and insured service that has a warranty of six months.