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How To Identify Hotpoint washing machine faults

We tend to take our washing machines for granted. Using them every day with different cycles to cater for heavily soiled items. Lightly soiled delicates. Large and small loads. And all to save time and money. Unfortunately, things can go wrong! Got problems with your Hotpoint appliance? See how to identify Hotpoint washing machine faults here…

Common Hotpoint Washing Machine Problems

A whole range of water-related issues can affect the workings of your washing machine. Look at the Hotpoint washing machine trouble shooting guide to find out the source of your issues:

  • Won’t drain - This could be due to a blockage in the drain pump, obstructions in the pump or pump hose. Or a lid switch assembly issue again.
  • Overflowing - The water inlet valve may be faulty, or the pressure switch could be failing. Another cause could be the water pressure to the inlet valve is too low. As a result of this water can leak into the washing machine and cause it to overflow.
  • Leaking - A cracked or damaged drain pump could be the culprit here. A torn drum seal will also cause leaking. As will bearings that fail due to the damaged seal.

Other Functioning Faults

Non-water related problems could include:

  • Won’t start - The control panel and display board might need to be replaced. Or you may have a problem with the power supply. A defective timer or a blown fuse caused by the motor or wires can also affect the washing machines ability to start.
  • Not spinning - Causes include the motor coupling failing due to wear and tear. The drive belt may be broken or have come loose on its pulleys. Or the lid switch assembly could be defective.
  • Making noises - If the drum bearing system is faulty this will cause the machine to be noisy. The bearing itself located in the centre of the outer tub may need to be replaced.
  • Smells - This could be due to mould and mildew build-up in the drum seal. Or indicate that the detergent drawer and filter need to be cleaned. Another factor could be a blockage in the waste pipe.

Flashing Lights

Hotpoint Aquarius washing machine faults will be indicated by flashing lights. These cover the door locked symbol, a flashing wash light, a pre-wash warning light, an end light or final spin light flash. If all the lights are flashing this indicates a critical error and the wash cycle will simply stop.

Problems could be related to potential faults with the plumbing, motor, pump, or drain hose for instance. And will need an appliance engineer.

Digital Error Codes

Hotpoint washing machine fault codes range from F01 to F18. They offer you an indication of where the problem lies. But you’ll need an engineer with diagnostic skills to fix many issues. Hotpoint washing machine fault F05 for example indicates that the pressure switch has become stuck. This means the washing machine refuses to spin as it believes it’s full of water.

The reasons for this are many – it could be a pump fault or filter blockage. The pressure switch itself may be faulty. Or there could be air trapped in the system. Hotpoint Ultima washing machine faults will be shown by a flashing neon code. Check your manufactures manual or search online for a complete guide to digital error codes and their meanings.

Get a Repair Service with a Warranty

Washing machine repair London experts will soon have your Hotpoint appliance up and running. Specially trained are available six days a week. And will come at a time that suits you – even at short notice. You’ll be able to get a quote beforehand. And all repairs come with a six-month quality guarantee.