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Hygena Oven Problems And Troubleshooting

Hygena is a UK based manufacturer of kitchen appliances founded in 1925 – the Hygena brand is now owned by Sainsbury's. Due to the range of budget-friendly models offered during trading, problems and faults are quite common.

Depending on the appliance this may include damaged components that need repairing or replacing. See a range of Hygena oven problems and troubleshooting here…

Understanding Hygena Fault Codes

Error codes displayed on your Hygena oven point you in the right direction as to where the fault lies – even if you can’t fix it yourself. Appliance fault codes are a service aid and can’t replace a technician’s diagnostic skills. The fault code or a series of flashing lights indicates the nature of the fault – but won’t pinpoint the actual failure that’s caused the alarm.

Hygena Oven Troubleshooting

Hygena oven problems may include:

Hygena classic oven not working

This can be due to a range of technical issues including the incoming power supply. Other causes can relate to problems with fuses and each time you turn on your Hygena oven is tripping the electrics.

The sensor and switches can play a part if either of these components is faulty – and the oven’s control board may also need a professional voltage check. Any electrical faults can be safely dealt with by your qualified electrical engineer.

Hygena oven not heating up

Hygena heating element issues can be caused by defective bakes and broils. The bake is the heating element at the base of the oven and the broil is the heating element located at the top. Both elements can fail – burning damages the circuitry – or they can become disconnected.

The temperature sensor is often the culprit as this regulates the temperature inside the oven and if defective will affect the ability of the oven to function properly.

A trained technician will be able to inspect the elements for damage and repair them as necessary, as well as checking the fuses, sensor, thermostats, and switches to find the source of the problem.

Hygena oven fan not working or making a noise

When turned on a well-functioning oven should have a fan that distributes the heat evenly radiated by the heating element. If the thermostat is turned on but the oven is blowing cold air this indicates damage to the heating element itself.

Alternatively, a defective oven fan motor will run more slowly and often makes a high-pitched sound which is abnormal. Your technician will need to confirm the status of the fan to check for any loose blades which could be responsible for the noise.

Hygena oven thermostat problems

The oven thermostat could be the source of many issues including a motionless fan. The thermostat is responsible for regulating the oven temperature – turning on and shutting off the heat source according to the temperature setting. Many Hygena oven temperature irregularities in older ovens are caused by a faulty thermostat that is unable to relay the heat back and forwards within the oven.

Newer models are attached to a long probe extending into the oven, and the thermostat is wired to a small circuit board inside the oven that controls the heat. When the probe senses that the oven has reached the correct temperature, it sends a signal to the circuit board indicating that the burners need to turn off.

A qualified engineer will be able to test both the thermostat and the circuit board to repair or replace the cause of any issues.

Get Guaranteed Hygena Oven Repairs

Hygena oven repair London (electric oven) experts will provide you with a fully insured service to get your appliance up and running as new. Highly trained and qualified technicians will quickly diagnose any faults and offer a quick solution. You’ll be able to make a short notice appointment to suit you – and get a quote upfront. And every repair comes with a six-month quality guarantee.