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Ignis Dishwasher Problems And Troubleshooting

Ignis is a brand name owned by the Whirlpool Corporation – the largest appliance manufacturer in the world. The budget brand offers dishwashers at affordable prices, ideal for starter homes and first-time buyers.

Ignis fully integrated dishwashers have a range of wash programmes with salt and rinse aid indicators. On occasion, dishwashing may go wrong and it’s helpful to have an insight on what the issues may be. See some Ignis dishwasher problems and troubleshooting here…

Ignis Dishwasher Troubleshooting

Ignis dishwasher problems can include:

Ignis dishwasher not draining

This problem is often related to blocked filters which will need to be removed, cleaned, and replaced. Alternative issues may be with a blocked waste hose which might have become damaged. Locating the hose is difficult if your dishwasher is an integrated model – and if the waste pipe is connected to the sink waste this will also need to be checked for blockages.

Ignis dishwasher stopping mid-cycle

If your dishwasher stops during a cycle this could be a problem with the door latch assembly. In some models, a failed heating element will cause the dishwasher to stop automatically. A failed vent or fan assembly can also be the culprits. As the electronic control board runs all functions when this isn’t operating correctly it may need expertly replacing.

Ignis dishwasher beeping

If your dishwasher starts beeping it’s probably a sign that a part needs replacing. Electronic sensors will detect problems and make the beeping sounds to caution that something is wrong with the appliance.

A beeping sound during the cycle can indicate the dishwasher door has become unlatched, and powers surges can also cause the dishwasher to beep and when this is the cause the appliance will need to be reset.

Ignis Dishwasher Fault Codes

Depending on the model of your dishwasher Ignis dishwasher fault codes can be displayed as a series of flashing lights on the control panel, or a numeric error code on the control display. See a range of common Ignis dishwasher faults with relevant codes here…

  • F1 – NTC break – this indicates that the temperature is outside the normal value with the interior temperature reaching higher than 85 degrees Celsius
  • F2 – Water leakage – when water collects on the bottom tray this points to an issue with the floater, float switch, water valve, drain pump, or pressure sensor
  • F3 – Heating system defect – causing the dishwasher to heat too slowly this is often related to a faulty heating element, relay on the control board, or resistance fluctuation
  • F4 – Draining failure – this could be due to a defective drain pump, a closed siphon, or rarely a fault with the control board
  • F6 – Water tap closed – if the water valve is switched on but the water indicator shows off then the water inlet hose may be blocked, the valve itself may be faulty, or the flow meter is malfunctioning
  • F7 – Flow meter failure – when the flow meter doesn’t send enough impulses this indicates a problem with the flow meter, the water inlet valve, or a blocked or closed water inlet hose and tap
  • F8 – Water level failure – this could result from a blocked filter, water inlet defect, unstable pump spray, or a faulty main wash motor
  • F9 – Continuous water inlet – if the water inlet valve won’t mechanically close, or the triac on the control board is permanently on this shows that the main control board may need replacing

If the error code your dishwasher shows differs from the above information you should consult your manufacturer’s manual. Bear in mind that error codes only offer an indication of where the problem lies and you will probably need the diagnostic skills of a trained technician to investigate further.

Call in the Professionals

Ignis dishwasher repair London experts are the area’s most trusted specialists. You’ll get a fully guaranteed fix with technicians using the most effective tools to get the job done. From dishwashers that refuse to start to noisy and leaking appliances – you’ll be given a fault diagnosis and a repair that meets your needs and your budget.