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Indesit Dishwasher Problems And Troubleshooting

Indesit dishwashers have top features that include half-load functions, quick wash and low noise levels. And effective programmes that clean every load type. Hygiene technology keeps bacteria at bay. And intensive cleans can be achieved with Aquaintense cleaning zones.

But sometimes even the optimum appliance can have its setbacks. See a range of Indesit dishwasher problems and troubleshooting here…

Finding the Faults

Indesit dishwasher troubleshooting covers a whole range of issues including:

Indesit dishwasher not working

This could be due to a faulty power socket or an incorrect rating of fuse. Extension leads may be defective. Filters, hoses, and insufficient water can all affect the dishwasher function.

Indesit dishwasher not draining

A waste hose that has been incorrectly attached could be the cause of this problem. Or the hose could have been damaged or trapped. This will result in the water being unable to escape from the appliance. Dirty or obstructed filters can also stop the water from emptying.

Indesit dishwasher not filling

Indesit dishwasher faults can include not filling with water. This could be due to issues with the water taps or hose pipes. And can be related to drainage plumbing. A technician with plumbing qualifications will be needed here.

Indesit dishwasher not cleaning properly

Cloudy marks left on dishes and glasses need the addition of Indesit dishwasher salt. This improves washing performance as well as protecting your dishwasher. The salt provides sodium that attracts and traps the ions that cause hard water. Adding it to the reservoir regularly will ensure the softener is adequately replenished. Bear in mind that insufficient water in the dishwasher can also cause poor cleaning.

Indesit dishwasher lights flashing

This indicates there may be a water supply issue and will cause your dishwasher to stop mid-cycle. Or the pressure sensor may be malfunctioning affecting the fill and recycling of the water. Your manual will provide you with a comprehensive flashing light guide. And you’ll need a specialist to identify the fault and carry out the necessary repairs.

Understanding the Fault Codes

Indesit dishwasher error codes may help you determine the nature of the fault but you’ll need a specialist to identify the specific fault and fix it. The fault code lights and error code guidelines are:

A01 or Ist light lit solid – an overflow leak detected

A02 or 2nd light solid – dishwasher not filling with water

A03 or3rd light solid – dishwasher won’t empty

A04 or 4th light solid – NTC thermistor fault detected

A05 or 1st and 2nd lights solid – blocked filters sensed

A06 or 2nd and 3rd lights solid – dishwasher has failed to fill with water

A08 or 1st and 3rd lights solid – heating temperature not reached

A09 or 1st and 4th lights solid – software error

A10 or 1st and 4th lights solid – open circuit sensed on heating element

A12 or 3rd and 4th lights solid – communications error from electronic control cards

All models of Indesit dishwashers have different frontages. And the following error codes may be specific to your particular appliance:

F01 – anti-flood sensor fault

F02 – solenoid valve or water chamber failure

F03 – water drain or pump problem

F04 – thermostat fault

F06 – water fill fault

F07 – water turbine damage

F08 – temperature issue

F09 – software error

F10 – heating element fault

F11 – pump motor failure

F12 – main board communication error

F13 – main board fault

F15 – virtual sensor error

Call in the Experts

Get Indesit dishwasher repairs London from specialists trained in diagnosing and fixing your Indesit appliance. Trusted professionals will deliver a fully insured service. And your repair will come with a six-month quality guarantee. Whatever the issue your Indesit dishwasher will soon be functioning as new.