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Indesit Dryer Problems And Troubleshooting

The Indesit IDC85 condenser tumble dryer can dry up to 8kg of laundry – making it a great value appliance. Features include two heat settings, a refresh cycle, and reverse tumble action to minimise tangling and creasing. There’s access to a topwater bottle for easy emptying – and an option to drain moisture via the mains. This Indesit condenser tumble dryer may experience issues. See a range of Indesit dryer problems and troubleshooting here…

A Brief Troubleshooting Overview

Indesit IDC85 tumble dryer not heating Indesit IDC85 condenser tumble dryer problems can include glitches with heat – making your dryer less efficient than normal. Non-mechanical causes can include a blocked or kinked vent hose, or simple overloading that will impair the performance. The heat switch on your appliance may be defective. Or the heater fuse may have tripped. The thermal overload can also be subject to cutting out. An Indesit tumble dryer not heating up could also be due to a faulty heating element or the thermostat not functioning properly. All of these complications can be resolved by an experienced engineer. Indesit tumble dryer empty water light stays on This indicates a faulty pump which may need replacing. Or could point to blocked filter ducts – the condenser ducts also need to be kept clear for the airflow to be at maximum levels. The light is telling you to empty the water – and that the appliance may be unable to drain. The drain hose may have become twisted or sunken into the water – you’ll need an expert to handle these repairs for you. Indesit tumble dryer squeaking If your tumble dryer is emitting squeaking noises it could be related to the bearings becoming dry or worn. Other defective components that cause this noise include motor fans or pulley wheels. And age can lead to the drum belt deteriorating – and this may need repairing or replacing.

Maintenance-Related Indesit Dryer Faults

Indesit tumble dryer faults can include: A fluffy filter that needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure the appliance continues to work efficiently. And failure to empty the water container can lead to your Indesit tumble dryer not heating and clothes will still be wet at the end of the drying cycle. Indesit tumble dryer condenser problems can result in a build-up of lint in the condenser which then means the dryer takes longer to dry clothes. The condenser is located at the bottom of the dryer and the holding clips need to be removed for the condenser to be cleaned. The dial not rotating – this could be due to the model of your appliance – certain ones have a series of progression indicator lights that show the dryer status. For instructions on how to maintain your Indesit tumble dryer, you can refer to the manufacturer’s user guide. And if you have any issues simply contact your local appliance repairers.

A Sample of Indesit Error Codes

Indesit tumble dryers will display a code to indicate an error. Some common codes are shown below:
  • F02 – motor circuit fault – the drum will only spin intermittently or not at all
  • F03 – temperature sensing fault – the dryer won’t heat on any setting
  • F05 – a pump or pipe blockage issue – the door stays closed or opens with water still in the drum
  • F06 – door lock fault – the programme won’t start even with the door closed
  • F07 – electronic circuit board fault –programme stops mid-cycle or the appliance won’t heat with the pump running continuously

Repairs with Guarantees

Get an Indesit dryer repair London service you can trust. Only qualified and experienced technicians will carry out your work. And you can get a same-day service if you need urgent repairs. You won’t need to pay a deposit, and you can ask for a quote upfront. Every Indesit tumble dryer repair will come with a six-months guarantee.