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Indesit Moon Washing Machine Problems And Troubleshooting

The Moon series of washing machines from Indesit has combined innovative functions, and are simple and efficient. They’re designed to automatically regulate temperatures, wash intensity, and spin speed, guaranteeing perfect results every time.

Yet even the greatest innovation can be subject to flaws. Take a look at a range of Indesit Moon washing machine problems and troubleshooting here…

Indesit Moon washing machine problems

Your Indesit Moon washing machine may experience issues as shown below:

Indesit Moon washing machine won’t start

This is often an electrical issue with incoming power, a faulty power socket, a blown fuse, or a tripped switch. There may also be a problem with the door micro delay switch. If the door won’t fasten securely the appliance simply won’t start. For any electrical concerns, you need the assistance of a qualified engineer.

Indesit Moon leaking water

Reasons for this could be a blocked hose or a defective door seal. Beads of water and dripping leaks around the seals are common, but they can easily be replaced. The hose connection to the mains plumbing taps may have become insecure, and it’s also possible to have a leak from the detergent dispenser.

Problems with the water pump will result in leaks at the front of the appliance – this often needs the pump to be replaced. Using too much detergent will cause an excess of foamy water coming from the machine after a finished cycle.

Indesit Moon washing machine doesn’t drain

When this operation is inhibited it's typically due to an obstruction in the drain pump or filter. There may be a problem with the voltage on the drain pump in which case it will need repairing or replacing. The connection in the building drain wall may have become stuck, or the programme may have stopped due to the programme detecting a drain blockage.

Indesit Moon washing machine drum isn’t turning

This generally relates to the drive belt or the motor. Both of these components can be repaired or replaced by a service technician if they’re faulty.

Indesit Moon washing machine error codes

When your Indesit moon washing machine starts to experience problems you’ll get an error code alongside flashing LEDs. Indesit Moon common faults include:

  • F01 with LED 1 flashing – caused by a motor driving triac short-circuit
  • F02 with LED 2 flashing – indicating the motor has tripped, or the motor tacho generator is experiencing issues
  • F03 with LED 1 & 2 flashing – the NTC sensor is open or short-circuiting
  • F04 with LED 3 flashing – these are indications of empty and overflow problems
  • F05 with LED 1 & 3 flashing – either the drain pump is blocked or the pressure switch is reading empty
  • F07 with LED 1, 2, & 3 flashing – the wash heating element is defective
  • F08 with LED 4 flashing – the heating element relay has sticking contacts
  • F09 with LED 1 & 4 flashing – this is a file set up error with a possible faulty programme
  • F10 with LED 2 & 4 flashing – an empty and full signal is simultaneously detected
  • F11 with LED 1, 2, & 4 flashing – there’s no power supply to the pump
  • F12 with Led 3 & 4 flashing – no communication detected between the control board and the display board
  • F17 with LED 1 & 5 flashing – issues with the door lock, or the door is open
  • F18 with LED 2 & 5 flashing – there’s a communication error and issue with the microprocessor

Get a hassle-free repair

When you need anIndesit Moon washing machine repair simply get in touch with local appliance repair specialists. Fully trained professionals will quickly diagnose the source of your problems and fix or replace the defective components. You’ll get a fully insured service that also comes with a quality guarantee that lasts for six months.