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Indesit oven problems and troubleshooting

However great the quality of your cooker is, as it ages, little issues can start to develop. Ignore them and they can turn into big problems. Here's a guide to some of the common Indesit electric oven problems you might encounter and what's likely to be involved in correcting them.

A Hard to Open or Close Door

Indesit oven door hinge problems are not that uncommon. If you're tempted to dismiss the battle to get your door open or closed as inconvenient but not really something that interferes with the cooking process, don't. A badly closed door will allow heat to escape, which will increase cooking times and add to your electricity bill. As if that wasn't bad enough you may also end up working in an uncomfortably hot kitchen, which takes all the pleasure out of cooking. Getting the hinges replaced will not be a big job, it will save you money in the long run, make your kitchen a more comfortable place to work in, and could even save you from an accident or burn.

Poor Temperature Regulation

An oven that isn't getting hot at all or is heating up very slowly may well have a faulty or burned-out element. If the oven is overheating, or you simply notice that it doesn't seem to always heat to and stay at the temperature you've selected, it's likely that you're encountering Indesit oven thermostat problems. An engineer will run some checks to confirm that this is the issue. If it is, getting the thermostat replaced is generally a quick job. An engineer who comes to your home might even have a replacement in the van.

A Cooker That Just Goes 'Dead' on Timer Settings

You set things up so you'll come home to a meal that's ready and waiting for you, and return to an uncooked dish. There's no heat and no lights on the cooker. Assuming that the power supply is working, it's possible you have an Indesit oven timer problem. Different models have different sorts of timers so the exact details of the fault will vary. It's worth checking to see if the oven works when switched to a manual setting. Consult your owners manual for details on how to reset the timer and clock, but if you can't see anything obvious it's probably time to call the repairman. There are lots of other faults that can mimic the symptoms of an oven timer problem, including failed thermal cut-off switches and various internal fuses so tracking down this sort of problem often needs a full set of diagnostic tools and the know-how that only comes with experience.

Indesit Fan Oven Problems

Most ovens have a cooling fan, which is part of the temperature regulation system. A faulty cooling fan could lead to the oven overheating. If your oven is described as 'fan assisted' it will also have a circulation fan which is designed to distribute heat evenly. A fault in the heat distribution fan could increase cooking times. Worse yet a fault in the circulation fan may result in food cooking unevenly, this is unappetizing at best and in the case of meat dishes could also be a food hygiene risk.

Getting Your Cooker Repaired

Arranging oven servicing once the guarantee has expired is pretty straightforward these days. This is especially true if your appliance is from a quality brand and you live in a city. Indesit is a major manufacturer so any competent service company will carry a range of spares for commonly needed fixes. In the capital, mobile engineers who offer short notice bookings are easy to find. So you can set up Indesit electric oven repairs in London online or with a single call, and count on getting prompt assistance from a qualified service engineer.