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Is It Better To Buy Washer And Dryer Together Or Separately?

As technology advances combining washing and drying in one appliance appears to be the ultimate laundry experience. However, studies have shown that although you save on space and the purchase and running costs are virtually the same, the combination drying function can be below expectation, and a combined wash and dry cycle can take up to six hours and use an excessive amount of water. Is it better to buy a washer and dryer together or separately? Read on to find out all you need to know…

When you need to replace your washing machine and tumble dryer

Bear in mind that washing machines and tumble dryers will probably need replacing at the same time as they experience equal wear and tear which can mean higher initial costs. And you’ve got to learn all about your new appliance twice! But when you buy them from the same manufacturer you’ll find that they not only match in design but also the controls and settings will be the same. Capacities will also complement each other so a full washing load will also be dried effectively, and warranty coverage means that repairs can be carried out on either appliance easily. Washer dryers have a comparable washing performance and half the footprint of two separate appliances. You don’t have to unload clothes to put them into the dryer, and you can wash or dry independently. Disadvantages come in the form of only being able to dry half the capacity you can wash, and you need the washing and drying cycle to finish completely before you can add another load. A staggering amount of water can be used so if you use your dryer regularly then this high water consumption may be an issue. Washer dryers are more suited to small houses and households and are of benefit to those with mobility issues. But they are more complicated to install with plumbing and water inlets that need to cater for the drying component.

Washing machine troubleshooting

When the following issues are happening this may be the time to consider new appliances, particularly if they’re old and no longer under guarantee. Leaking When your washing machine is leaking onto the floor this is an indication that it needs replacing. It may be a sign that gaskets or rubber seals have worn, or on older models, it could be a hole caused by rusting. Not filling Kinked hoses, blocked taps, and incorrect water pressure can all result in an appliance that won't fill. Faulty solenoids, wiring, and connections can all be to blame, but so can the age of your appliance. Excessive noise If there’s an unusual amount of noise during cycles this could simply be that the parts on the drum or elsewhere in the machine are wearing out.

Tumble dryer troubleshooting

Not heating up This could be an issue with the heating elements, the thermostat, or a thermal load cutout that has tripped due to overheating. Making a banging noise Technical problems such as drum and motor bearings, tension pulley wheels, and the drum itself can all contribute to excessive noise, particularly if your tumble dryer is an older model.

Time to call on the professionals

Whether you need a washing machine repair in South London or a tumble dryer repair in South London look no further than experienced appliance repairers. You’ll also get help with washer dryer troubleshooting! You’ll be able to save money with great deals delivered by fully trained technicians. And get a quote for the job you need doing upfront. Every repair comes with its own six-month quality guarantee - perfect for when you need specialist domestic appliance repairs that last.