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JLA Washing Machine Error Codes Explained

JLA has created an impressive range of commercial washing machines that meet all business requirements. Great quality, reliability, and performance are three attributes, alongside eco-friendly cycles, customisable wash programmes, and money-saving technology.

The JLA 30 Smart Wash can save you up to 32% on utility bills! This washing machine has been designed to last in excess of 37,000 wash cycles with sensors that calculate linen weight, water, and detergent use to ensure the best wash possible without wasting any resources.

But when your appliance starts to experience operational difficulties it’s good to know the source of the problem – even if you need a professional to fix it for you. This is where error codes are invaluable. A range of JLA washing machine error codes is explained here…

Error code clarification

Error codes are diagnostic tools that display when your washing machine runs into a problem. They can be shown in a variety of ways with the most common being a sequence of letters and numbers. Sometimes LED lights will accompany the codes.

Error codes are extremely useful as they let you know what the problem is immediately, but the actual cause of the problem will need to be identified by a trained appliance repair engineer.

JLA washing machine error codes

Depending on the make and model of your appliance JLA washing machine fault codes include:

  • F10 – the temperature hasn’t been reached within the maximum time
  • F11 – this indicates a failure of the NTC (temperature sensor) probe or circuit
  • F12 – a short circuit of the NTC will cause this code to display
  • F13 – the level sensor voltage has been detected at less than .35 volts
  • F14 – no correspondence with the power board
  • F14/F20 – signifying front board blown tracks and power board failure
  • F15 – the door isn’t closed securely
  • F20 – a faulty connection on the chopper module
  • F21 – the free-running diode has a short circuit
  • F22 – a mains surge voltage detected
  • F23 – issues with motor, carbons, or relay
  • F24 – the motor speed sensor has detected a problem
  • F25 – the temperature is malfunctioning
  • F26 – points to a mains failure
  • H00 – the child safety device has been turned on
  • H01 – the required water level hasn’t been reached within six minutes
  • H02 – the water won’t drain from the appliance
  • H03 – the door remains open indicating a defective door lock
  • H04 – the unbalance has been detected as too high

JLA washer/dryer error codes

  • F10 – the drying cycle is too slow
  • F11 – indicates the failure of NTC (temperature sensor) probe or circuit
  • F12 – short-circuiting issues
  • F14 – no correspondence with the power board
  • F15 – an interruption in the outgoing air detected by the NTC probe
  • F16 – the NTC for outgoing air has short-circuited
  • F17 – a heating failure possibly due to elements and cutouts
  • H00 – child safety device has been activated
  • H01 – no function detected on the drier
  • H02 – indicates problems with the cooling water outflow
  • H03 – the door isn’t closed securely
  • H04 – the fluff filter is blocked.

If the error code being displayed on your washing machine isn’t covered by the above, you’ll need to check the manufacturers manual for more details.

JLA washing machine repairs

JLA washing machine problems can effectively be diagnosed and resolved by washing machine repair London experts. The latest tools and replacement parts will be used by qualified technicians with years of industry experience. You won’t need to pay a deposit and there’s no call-out charge, and you can even request a free quote. All repair work is covered by a six-months guarantee. If you have an urgent issue you can take advantage of emergency services!