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Kenwood Dishwasher Problems And Troubleshooting

Kenwood dishwashers have premium features such as auto-wash programmes that adjust the temperature and time to suit how dirty the dishes are. Freestanding and integrated options are readily available. And are modern, stylish, and perfect for busy households.

Technical problems may sometimes occur. And it’s handy to know what the problem might be – even if you’re unable to fix it yourself. See a range of Kenwood dishwasher problems and troubleshooting here…

Some Error Codes Explained

Kenwood dishwasher error codes are basic fault codes that indicate where the problem lies. Look at the most common codes below:

Error Code E1

This is an indication that the water tap is in the off position. The flow meter has broken or the connecting terminals to the wire terminals have come loose. Or the water pressure is too low. A qualified engineer will disconnect the mains and water inlets to identify the culprit.

Error Code E3

When error code E3 is displayed (on some models this may be E6 or E7) this normally means that the temperature sensor or heater element is broken. This will be a reason for your Kenwood dishwasher not heating. There may be issues with loose or worn wire terminal connections – problems that an experienced technician will quickly solve.

Error Code E4

Kenwood dishwasher E4 error is the flood code – indicating that there’s an overflow somewhere as water has become trapped. Any internal water leaks find their way down under the wash zone and into the mechanical workings. A sensor located there detects the water and causes the machine to empty and go into error E4. The solution depends on the nature of the leak – it could be related to defective seals or issues with water level controls. It’s essential that the power is turned off and any excess water will need to be drained out. A genuine problem that keeps occurring will need an engineer to locate the source and carry out repairs – on investigation this could be related to a leaking tank or hose, a faulty drain pump, or a broken float switch. And will be the cause of your Kenwood dishwasher not draining properly.

Other Mechanical Problems

When the dishwasher won’t start – possible causes could be a fault with the door not closing securely – or issues with the mains connection and power supply that need the help of an electrician.

A knocking noise coming from the wash cabinet can indicate that a spray arm is hitting an item in the basket. The spray arms may need to be adjusted to prevent this from happening. Or the spray arm mounts may simply be worn or have come loose – resulting in excessive wobbling and catching on the basket.

When dishwasher electronics fail this could be the result of a defective control panel. And will need to be checked by a technician. If your dishwasher is on the new side this could be due to a timer malfunction.

Incorrectly-fitted plumbing can cause dirty water to collect in the waste pipe. And this can lead to your dishwasher smelling unpleasant. The waste pipe needs to be securely mounted as high as possible underneath the sink. The air gap designed to stop backflow should also be checked as this may need to be replaced. Drainage difficulties also cause bad smells and your pipes could require flushing out. Filters and door seals might need to be cleaned or replaced as well.

Get Experienced Technicians

Kenwood dishwasher repair London experts will quickly diagnose any problems – and provide you with a fully insured and guaranteed service. You’ll be able to book an appointment at short notice. Request a quote upfront. And all repairs come with a six-month guarantee. Your Kenwood dishwasher will soon be working like new.