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Maintenance Tips For Your Kitchen Appliances

Keeping your kitchen appliances clean and working efficiently will save you money on your energy bills. What’s more, it’ll also stop you from having to spend on expensive replacements! With a little guidance you can make your domestic devices last. Use the following kitchen appliances maintenance tips to help:

The Oven

Appliance maintenance tips

To keep your oven in tip top condition you need to clean it after each use. You can buy an approved oven solution to tackle all burnt on stains. Depending on the product you may have to bag all the racks and shelves before adding the cleaner. Or, you can simply remove the shelving and racks before you spray inside the oven and clean them separately. You’ll have to leave it for an amount of time, so you can deal with the hob whilst you wait for it to work!

For gas hobs, take off the covers and clean them in a bowl of soapy water. If any residues remain you can gently scrape them off with a blade. Clean the oven top with spray vinegar as this dissolves food remnants. Change the extractor fan filter on a regular basis. Clean the fan, outlets, and light fittings. Finally replace all the clean accessories and polish with a microfibre cloth.

The Dishwasher

Food filled filters can quickly clog up the dishwasher unit making the spray arms unable to clean the dishes properly. You can easily pull out the lower rack to remove the filter cover and use a wet/dry vacuum to clean the screen. Clean the float switch with water at the same time.

Regularly check the door seals, and underneath for leaks. Load the racks carefully and properly to ensure they last. Make sure you’re using the right detergent too. If you hear any unusual noises take a look at the pump area, impellers, filters and seals for signs of foreign bodies.

The Washing Machine

washing machine maintenance

Make sure that you don’t overload your washing machine, as this can cause damage to motors, belts, and other moving parts. About twice a year you should run the machine empty on the hottest wash with an approved cleaner. This helps to keep the machine and the outlet pipes clean and free of dirt and grease build-ups. Be careful with fabric conditioners as they can form a residue which increases and doesn't dissolve properly in drawers. You can use an old toothbrush to scrub of any mildew and mould. Remember to clean the filter to keep it free of fluff and stop any water backing up. The filter cap unscrews for you to get to the filter and gently remove any blockage.

And for Repairs…

If you find that you've used all the appliance maintenance tips and still got issues, you may need some expert advice. Find a guaranteed repair service that’ll provide you with free quotes and affordable rates. Keeping on top of any problems quickly will save you money in the long run.