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Lamona Dishwasher Faults And Troubleshooting

Lamona dishwashers make washing up simple. A+ energy ratings save on energy bills – and programmes include economical options to reduce water consumption and a 30-minute rapid feature for when you need to clean in a hurry.

So how do you know when things aren’t going quite according to plan? Look at how to recognise Lamona dishwasher faults and troubleshooting actions here…

Common Lamona Dishwasher Faults

Lamona dishwasher fault codes will point you in the right direction of the problem – even if you won’t be able to fix it yourself. See a range of fault codes below:

Error Code E01 – this error code usually relates to problems with the door lock (in some models this is indicated by error code E07). Checks will need to be made on the connection to the circuit board and to the lock itself, for any broken wires and to see if the interlock is faulty.

Error Code E02 – no water – indicating the float has stuck in the raised position, or there’s an issue with the inlet screen or inlet valve. The water inlet valve controls the flow of both hot and cold water and must be replaced with components that are specific to your model.

Bear in mind that error codes are only used as a diagnostic aid and generally don’t indicate the precise component that’s faulty – you’ll need the help and advice of a trained appliance repair technician to do that for you.

Select a Problem

Lamona dishwasher troubleshooting covers:

Lamona dishwasher not working

This could be due to a power supply issue. Plugs, sockets, fuses, and the circuit breaker all need to be initially checked – electrical difficulties should all be left to a qualified technician to safely carry out any repairs.

Some models – particularly eco-friendly versions – need a water flow before they start. Other problems could result from a blown thermal fuse, a defective door switch, or a broken door latch assembly.

The timer may not be working properly, or the control panel itself may be defective. All of these issues can be easily identified and rectified by a trained appliance repairer.

Lamona dishwasher not draining

There are a number of reasons why your appliance is failing to drain the water – this could point to the water not heating properly indicating a fault with either the thermostat or the heater element.

An incorrect setting can affect the cycle and make it insufficient for the wash load, the dishwasher may simply need a clean with a recommended detergent and limescale remover or there may be a blockage in the filter or drain pool.

Other components that may need to be checked by an expert include the drain hose, which may be damaged or blocked, and the drain pump which may need replacing.

Lamona dishwasher not filling

A dishwasher won’t fill with water if the filter screens on the water valves are dirty or filled with debris. Alternatively, the water valve itself could be faulty and need replacing.

Other culprits could be the float assembly which may be shutting off the flow of water to prevent a leak in error, or the float switch interfering with the dishwashers filling ability. The door switch, drain valve and solenoid may also be malfunctioning which in turn could be the reason why your dishwasher isn’t filling with water.

When to Call in the Professionals

When you’ve done all that you can to find your fault contact Lamona dishwasher repair London specialists – trained and qualified engineers will quickly diagnose and fix your appliance. You’ll be able to make a short-notice appointment for when you just can’t wait. And you’ll get a fully insured service that comes with a six-month quality guarantee.