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Lamona Oven Problems And Troubleshooting

Lamona is an own brand label. Used by Howdens Joinery. Single ovens are large and easy to access. And double ovens are ideal for large families. Integrated designs are space-saving. With touch control features such as fan cooking, rapid heating, and defrosting at fingertip command.

But occasionally you may experience issues with your oven. And there may be a need for an oven repair specialist to diagnose the fault. And fix it. You can help if you know what the difficulty is – even if you can’t carry out the reparation. See a range of Lamona oven problems and troubleshooting here…

Lamona Oven Troubleshooting Guide

Lamona oven problems have typical symptoms. Knowing what they are will help you identify the issues. And allow you to give this information to your repair engineer.

Common complications include:

Lamona oven not heating up

Several reasons can cause this to happen including a timer not correctly adjusted, or the function and temperature not being set properly. Power cuts may affect these operations. Oven and broiler elements may be faulty. Or the thermostat may need replacing.

Lamona oven not working

When you switch the oven on the element should heat up. And this heat is circulated by the fan. When the oven reaches the desired heat, the thermostat turns the element off.

When the oven isn’t working this could indicate an issue with a defective element. The life span of an element depends on usage – but a robust part should last five years or more.

Lamona oven fan not working

There may be a problem with the oven fan motor – especially if it's making a lot of noise or working more slowly than normal. If the oven light is on and the element gets hot but the oven doesn’t this is another pointer to the motor.

A fan blade can become loose which will also cause noise – and blades can become covered in food residues making them ineffective.

Lamona oven knob broken

Lamona oven control knobs are designed to fit specific models. And are often not interchangeable. You may need professional advice to make sure you get the perfect replacement part when your oven knob is damaged. Loose cooker knobs can be responsible for difficulties in adjusting the oven temperature, and the use of other functions.

Lamona oven thermostat problem

The oven thermostat is the part that controls the oven temperature. When the thermostat fails you may get no heat at all in the oven. Or the oven may overheat. Your oven repair specialist will be able to locate a replacement part for you and install it.

Lamona oven not turning on

The reason for this may be associated with an internal fuse issue. Or simply due to a power failure. The most likely problem is a blown fuse or a burnt-out element. Circuit breakers may need to be reset. And the breaker board will probably need inspecting. All of these issues can easily be fixed by an appliance repair technician.

Lamona oven no power

This is probably due to a defective or tripped fuse. Or a problem with the power supply. The fuses can be replaced or reset, and the wiring checked by a qualified electrician.

Lamona double oven problems

Lamona double oven problems can be caused by many of the reasons listed above. And fixing them is made easy by simply making a booking with your local appliance repairers.

Call the Professionals

Lamona oven repairs from London experts will be carried out quickly and effectively. By trained and experienced specialists. You’ll be able to make a stress-free appointment at short notice. Get a quote on your repair before your service begins. And it all comes with a six-month quality guarantee.