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Laundry Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Clothes and linen that need to be washed are classed as dirty laundry. Washing them in your machine should be simple and straightforward. But if you’re concerned that garments won’t look like they did before you washed them, take a look at some of the laundry mistakes you’re probably making…

Clothes label

1. Not reading the labels

Failing to read and follow the tag instructions can lead colours to run and fabrics to shrink. It’s really important to do as the label says! Remember that hand-washing can be an alternative to dry cleaning if the label doesn’t say dry cleaning only. Following the manufacturers washing instructions will ensure that proper care is taken of the fabric type.

2. Choosing the wrong setting

Different settings are there for a reason as they provide optimal heat-settings for your laundry. Many types of clothing can be washed on the normal setting and come out perfectly. But clothes with special washing instructions need a change of setting.

White and colour clothes3. Not sorting loads

Forgetting to sort your laundry will not only ruin your load but probably your machine too. Check pockets, do up zips, and sort colours. All of these simple precautions will prevent running colours, shrinking fabrics, and marking of the washing machine drum and door window. An unbalanced load makes greater wear and tear on the machine, so check your manual for load guidance.

5. Forgetting to pre-treat stains

If water isn’t enough to remove any stains before you put soiled garments into the washing machine apply a stain remover. Try to dab and not rub as rubbing agitates the fibres and can spread the stain even more.

Putting detergent in the washing machine4. Using too much detergent

Over-use of detergent can cause a layer of foam to sit above the water level that can’t be rinsed away. It’s actually better to wash clothes twice with the recommended dose than to use more. Many washing machines have a prewash setting that can also be used. Water that stays in the machine containing extra soap will eventually block your appliance.

6. Leaving wet clothes inside

If you don’t take out your wet washing you’ll be in danger of causing mould and mildew inside the washing machine, along with a very unpleasant smell! Set a reminder to remove clothes immediately after the end of the wash cycle to keep laundry fresh and you healthy.

7. Drying for too long

Make sure you’ve checked the setting to see how long drying takes. Avoid leaving clothes in for too long as this can shrink, fade, or make them more difficult to iron. Taking clothes out while still slightly damp is a simple solution.

Get repairs with guarantees

If you’ve been a little careless with your washing machine you may need expert help! Washing machine repairs can be carried out by trained and experienced technicians. And you’ll get a fully insured service backed by a comprehensive warranty service. All you need to do is search online for a reputable and highly rated appliance repair company. Then you can get a quote, arrange a convenient booking, and have your repairs completed effectively. And all for an affordable price!