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Leisure Range Cooker Problems And Troubleshooting

For over 120 years Leisure have been manufacturing range cookers – the first-ever range cooker was introduced in 1883. In 2002 the brand was acquired by Beko PLC.

Today, every range cooker has refined technologies with the highest quality and performance. State-of-the-art production meets exacting standards of quality control, combining durability, affordability, and reliability.

But even Leisure range cookers can occasionally have glitches, and neglecting a range cooker that’s experiencing problems may result in greater issues.

For more information on Leisure range cooker problems and troubleshooting read on…

Leisure range cooker main oven not working

Most cookers have a safety thermostat or sensor located above the oven cavity. Their function is to ensure that the interior of the oven doesn’t reach a temperature that’s too high and unsafe. If this happens the sensor will trip and cause the oven to cut out.

There may be an issue with the main oven thermostat which again maybe resulting in the oven overheating and the thermal cut out tripping and switching off the oven. A broken thermostat will lead to an overheated element and oven failure.

Bear in mind that are several electrical reasons for the main oven not working. These range from faulty power sockets, plugs, incoming power supply and voltage surges. All of these issues should be safely checked by a qualified engineer.

Leisure range cooker not heating up

When the oven seems to be working and the thermostat light is on yet no heat is generated this is normally related to a failure of the heating elements. If elements are working there will be a red glow visible. A loose connection or a wire not supplying power effectively can interfere with the workings.

There may also be a fault with the temperature sensor, or it could be touching the oven wall. This will affect the ability of the sensor to accurately measure the internal temperature of the oven. The component will need checking for resistance or re-positioning – easily resolved by an appliance repair technician.

A tripped thermostat can also be the culprit. If this causes the circuit breaker to trip each time you turn the cooker on there may be a more complex electrical issue. If in any doubt contact an experienced engineer.

Leisure range cooker door won’t close

This problem might be caused by a door latch that’s not properly aligned or has become stuck in the closed position. Within the switch or motor that’s responsible for the operation of the door latch, there may be visible burn marks indicating the need for replacement.

Defects in the door gaskets or seals can also cause issues with the closure of the door. If the seals have become damaged or loose, they will need to be replaced. When the door doesn’t fit perfectly heat escapes from the front of the oven, and this could lead to the exterior knobs and the control panel reaching an unusually high temperature.

Problems with the door runners or faulty door hinges can also contribute. Mis-alignment of either can cause the hinges to run off track, placing them under enough pressure to cause the runners to crack. It’s a good idea to have both the runners and the hinges expertly replaced at the same time. Extreme damage to the door fittings can result in the door actually falling off.

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