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LG Dishwasher Error Codes Explained

An error code is basically a specific number that identifies what error is in the system – and can be very helpful in finding a resolution to the problem. Your LG dishwasher will display an error code when something goes wrong, to make it easier to pinpoint any issues the appliance is experiencing – even though you may not be able to fix these yourself.

Look at some LG dishwasher error codes explained here…

LG dishwasher error codes

Code LE

LE error code on LG dishwasher means that the circulation pump motor has locked. This is typically due to an obstruction preventing the pump impeller from spinning. On occasion, the motor control board may not be able to send current to the motor and this could be a motor wiring failure.

Code E1

Dishwasher error code E1 points to the detection of a water leak. Low water levels in the tub can cause the flood switch to trip, and the leaks could be coming from the water fill line, the water inlet guide, drain hose or pump, door seals, or the sump.

The configuration of the drain hose may need to be checked as water can syphon out of the drain hose if it isn’t installed correctly.

Code OE

OE error code on LG dishwasher indicates that the appliance isn’t draining. This can be due to a blockage in the sink drain, a kink or obstruction in the dishwasher hose, or if the dishwasher uses an air gap this could have become clogged.

The dishwasher sump and drain pump can also be defective resulting from loose wiring connections. The electronic control board could also be the problem here.

Code IE

This is the code that shows the dishwasher isn’t filling. This may be due to the water supply cut-off valve being partially closed. The filter screen could be clogged, or the supply hose obstructed or damaged.

Faulty wiring connections can also result in this problem – particularly to the water inlet and the electronic control board. These more complex issues can quickly be identified and safely resolved by your appliance repair specialist.

LG dishwasher troubleshooting problems

Like any other appliance LG dishwashers can be prone to certain difficulties with some of the most common being:

Dishwasher not turning on

This can be caused by the malfunction of the noise filter which causes the dishwasher to appear that it has no power and won’t respond to any of the buttons on the control board. This component can easily be replaced by an experienced technician.

Electrical related issues need to be removed from the equation too. Is there a problem with the incoming power supply? Does the switch keep tripping on the circuit breaker? Has the fuse blown? All of these questions and more can be answered by a qualified appliance repair engineer.

Dishwasher not cleaning

Common solutions for this problem will be the water inlet valve becoming clogged or defective resulting in the dishwasher not getting enough water to clean the dishes properly. Other culprits could be the water pump belt that’s worn or broken.

The wash arm assemblies that circulate water to the racks can get food particles trapped in their tiny holes. This will prevent the water from flowing through to the dishes and providing the necessary clean.

Other components that can cause this issue include the circulation pump, drain pump motor, motor assembly, and wash impeller.

Professional help required?

When you need LG dishwasher repairs in London simply contact local appliance repair experts. You’ll get specially trained technicians with advanced tools and equipment ready to diagnose and fix your appliance on the spot. And you’ll receive a fully insured service with a guarantee that lasts for six months.