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LG Washing Machine Error Codes Explained

There’s a whole range of error codes which appear on LG washing machines when they’re experiencing some kind of fault. You may not be able to fix the problem but at least you’ll have some idea where the glitch may be. Look at a guide to LG washing machine fault codes for common problems here…

LG washing machine error codes explained

LG washing machine error codes include:

LG washing machine error code OE

LG washing machine OE error code indicates that your appliance has been unable to drain water. This can be caused by a number of different reasons such as an obstruction in the pump filter or the drain hose. Alternatively, it could be related to the drain pump filter itself, or issues with the drain pump rotor or the pressure sensor hose on the drain pump. Drainage pump connections may also be the culprit.

LG washing machine error code CL

This code is simply warning you that the child lock is engaged, and you need to turn it off before you can access the control buttons. You can release it manually by pressing the temp and eco/rapid button at the same time for around four seconds. If this doesn’t work there may be a problem with the lock itself and you’ll need professional help to resolve this.

LG washing machine error code UE

An unbalanced load will cause this error code to appear and the spin cycle will have failed to complete. You may have to reload the machine and start the spin cycle again. If this happens repeatedly it can damage the washing machine. You should make sure your appliance is stable to cope with any excessive movement during faster spin cycles.

LG washing machine error code LE

The majority of LG washing machines use a direct drive motor which spins the drum directly instead of by belt. This locked motor error code can be caused by issues with the door safety lock, the door handle, wiring, or connections. The rotor assembly may also be at fault here, or it could mean that there’s a problem with an object stopping the drum from rotating.

LG washing machine error code DE

Your washing machine has detected that the door is open. This may mean a failure of the door locking mechanism, the door handle, or the safety lock. The door wiring could also be a problem, as could an issue with the control board.

LG washing machine error code CE

This indicates a current error to the appliance resulting from a problem with the electric current. The motor or PCB may short circuit and this could be due to a fault within the main control module, the main drive, or stator. If you’ve also got issues with your home electrics, you’ll need to get in touch with a qualified appliance repair engineer.

LG washing machine error code PE

Issues causing this error code to display include a wiring problem between the water level pressure switch/sensor to the main control board. Wires can become loose or disconnected meaning that the wiring harness will need to be inspected. Another problem causing this error code can be with the water level pressure sensor switch itself – a fault here may result in the part having to be repaired or replaced. A more complex issue could relate to the main electronics board.

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